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Healing Testimony From T.B. Joshua’s Prayer On Emmanuel TV

One of the most well-known phrases associated with The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV is, ‘Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit.’ However, those who have received healing, breakthrough and deliverance thousands of miles away from The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria through Prophet T.B. Joshua’s prayers on Emmanuel TV will testify that it is more than a mere phrase. It is a faith-building promise from God that His power is so real, authentic and forceful that it cannot be limited by time or space. Jesus Christ has done everything for us; all we need to do is believe. Just believe –that is your connection to Jesus Christ!

Here is a testimony shared in SCOAN London from a lady who stepped out in faith and stayed there. The results were truly miraculous. As you read, we pray your faith would grow and shift to another level!

“My name is Susan. I originally come from Zimbabwe but I live here in Kent, UK. I have a wonderful testimony to share, to the glory of God.

“On the 31st December at 9am, I received a phone call from Zimbabwe to say my son was involved in a serious car accident. While driving early in the morning, he just collided with a mini-bus. 21 people were involved in the crash. I believe there would have been fatalities but there is an Anointing Sticker on our car, saying, “We are sons and daughters of love; let love lead.” God really protected people and no one was killed, although many had serious injuries – broken bones and whiplash. My son fractured his knee and fell unconscious at the scene. Immediately they rushed him to hospital.

“When I tried to speak to him in the hospital in Zimbabwe, he couldn’t even talk to me. He was unconscious. My family around him were just crying. When I heard this message, I kept myself strong and began to thank God for preserving his life. I went into my spare room and started praying. I prayed from the bottom of my heart; this was a mother who had a serious message. I said, ‘The God of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the One I serve, may you send the Holy Spirit to touch my son wherever he is right now. He can’t talk; he can’t walk. God, just heal Him. May the Holy Spirit heal him, in Jesus’ name!’

“After one hour, I called back and, to my greatest surprise, they told me to hold on for him, that he could speak to me himself! I spoke to him and he said, ‘Mum, don’t worry – I’m okay.’ I told him to stay in faith, that God would heal him completely. On that day, I didn’t say because there was an accident that I couldn’t go to the SCOAN London New Year’s Eve service to join with the candlelight service in Lagos, Nigeria live on Emmanuel TV. I said to myself I am going to praise the Lord, no matter the situation! The service was wonderful and I was even privileged to receive the Anointing Water which I immediately sent to my son in Zimbabwe. Before sending it, me and my sisters organised a day to pray and fast. On the 6th January 2012, we came together to pray and fast because of the situation. My son was released from hospital to go home at this stage, but he still couldn’t walk or do anything on his own without assistance.

TB Joshua Praying

“We started praying that day and fasting. We put Emmanuel TV on and prayed along with Prophet T.B. Joshua as he prayed for the viewers around the world. I rang home and said to my son, ‘Just listen to these prayers on Emmanuel TV.’ I started praying with him, declaring, ‘Any evil spirit, any sickness or disease – out!’ I kept telling my son, ‘Be healed in Jesus’ name. Stand up and walk in Jesus’ name.’ As we were praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV, my son started screaming at the end of the phone. Somebody there took the phone and said he was shaking uncontrollably. At that moment, the prophet was praying on Emmanuel TV. I took my phone to the television, put on the speaker and encouraged my son to pray along with the man of God. What happened was simply amazing! While T.B. Joshua was praying on Emmanuel TV which I had on in UK, my son’s fractured leg was moving up and down in Zimbabwe. People were telling me, ‘His leg is moving!’ Then, when the man of God said, ‘Amen’, instantly he stood up in Zimbabwe to say ‘I’m healed’ and began to walk!

Emmanuel TV Logo

“He said to me that during the prayer, it was like Someone was fixing his bones. He told me when the prayer was going on, something just came out of his chest and he felt light and his leg became numb. That was how he started walking. That day, he walked by himself to the bank to collect the money one of my sisters had sent. He walked by himself – without any aid. Since that prayer, he has been fine. He can drive again. He’s even going to the gym everyday now, lifting heavy weights and exercising! Glory be to God!

“I want to encourage you all to believe that distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prays on Emmanuel TV, join him and believe. I did and now my son is healed and alright.  Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Wow! We thank God for this wonderful testimony. Faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible and receives the incredible! We encourage you to join Prophet T.B. Joshua in prayer on Emmanuel TV and believe God for a miracle. He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). To God’s power, nothing is impossible!

If you have a testimony to share after viewing Emmanuel TV and praying along with T.B. Joshua, please share it below in the comments section, for the glory of God. As you acknowledge God as your Healer, Deliverer and Saviour, HE will continue to do it again and again and again!

Remember, somebody needs your testimony to help them get out of their desperate setback. In the midst of setback, people need hope.

‘I Was Scared Of Sleeping’ – Delivered From The Spirit Of Snake

“God never stops giving us reasons to praise Him” – T.B. Joshua.

Here is a faith-buiding testimony of a woman who was delivered from the spirit of snake after attending SCOAN London and receiving the new Anointing Water from The SCOAN HQ in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sleep was elusive. But this was a choice. Precent forced her eyes to stay open as the dawn neared breaking. The light of the television soon met with the soft rays of sunlight announcing the arrival of day. Finally sleep overpowered the Zimbabwean as she unwillingly drifted into slumber. For Precent, sleep equalled attack. Snakes. Lions. Chaos. Every night was a battle. A battle with strange satanic forces that appeared in the form of serpents and lions to chase and attack her. And the battle went beyond the night.

“My name is Precent Masunda. I am originally from Zimbabwe. I have been having a spirit of snake and animals such as lions coming to my dreams. They used to chase me around and I would be running away from the animals.” The spirits caused Precent to grow angry easily. “I used to have a short temper, get angry from nowhere. Little things would provoke me unnecessarily.” They also affected her career. “Everything has been ‘no way’ – nothing has been moving. I would apply for courses but they would just reject me. For the past three years now.” However when Precent learned that the New Anointing Water was to be ministered at The SCOAN London Branch, she believed the time of her deliverance had arrived. “During the mass prayer, I started feeling sharp pains in my back. A spirit was telling me to go to the toilet but I said ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ Then when they ministered the Anointing Water, I just felt dizzy. The spirit was telling me to run away.” At that moment, Precent lost control of her body and remembrance of what occurred. The spirit within her began moving wildly, crawling in a snake-like fashion. With the declaration, ‘You are free in Jesus’ name’ – the spirit came out. Life has not been the same for Precent ever since!

“From that day, I have not dreamed of even snakes or animals. The minute we left here (SCOAN London), I slept through until we reached home. Before, I would stay up to watch TV because I was scared of sleeping. It was too much for me. Every time if I was thinking of going to bed, I would be thinking of seeing the snakes and the animals. But after deliverance, I slept like a baby and woke up early in the morning, which is unusual for me. Before, I would always be so tired but from that day, I sleep ‘til the normal time and then wake up to prepare my kids for school. I now have peace and joy. Even with my husband, we used to quarrel for no reason. I used to divert him to my own issues and not listen to him. But now, I am happy and I am listening to him!”


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