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I’m Bahati Rapundo.

The problem that brought me to SCOAN UK was that I had a spiritual husband ever since my childhood from around the age of 9. I used to have dreams of a man coming to make love with me every night when I slept. When I woke up, I had wet dreams and I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was even scared to talk to people about it because I didn’t understand what was happening.

It started from the age of 9 when I had my first period. After my first period, I started seeing this giant man come to sleep with me almost every night when I dreamt. It affected me both physically and emotionally. Emotionally, I was depressed because I was always thinking what this was that was going on in my life. It was something I had no clue about and who could I share this with?

The culture I come from believes that you are a child at that stage; you cannot even explain to anybody about that kind of thing anyway. It was so embarrassing. So, I had to live with it not knowing where I could get help from.

Physically, I was waking up and finding myself in that situation and I didn’t know how to deal with it. This affected me a lot and as I grew, especially in my relationship with men. Basically, every time I met a person or would get to know a person to the point where I was expecting them to talk about marriage proposals, engagement or anything serious, they would say they were serious, ‘but…’ There was always a ‘but’ at the end of the day and even if we took one or two years to get to know each other, it would end up that from nowhere, he would just decide to dump – that is the word – dump me and cancel whatever we planned. I have not received a marriage proposal in my life.

I have had four strong and serious relationships that I actually knew were set to go into marriage but that did not happen. Every time that it was about to happen, I would be angry, frustrated and having all kinds of arguments or something would just come up to create differences. Then all of a sudden, it just stopped and I was disappointed once again.

It frustrated me even at work in terms of my relationships with other people. I felt like most of the time I wanted to dominate others and push them about. I was always feeling angry with people and any small thing made me sulky or angry. That affected my relationships with every person around me.

Everywhere I went to work, I would work very hard, tirelessly even but there was no kind of appreciation from the people I worked for. For example, I would give my best in every area, I am a teacher by profession but promotion would pass me by. When promotion came at work, they looked for other people and left me. I’d look at myself and start thinking, ‘I am doing everything right, what’s wrong with me? What’s going on?’ I would have no idea of what went wrong and if I went to enquire they would answer, ‘Oh, maybe next time’ and I would just be left where I was. This spirit has caused me disappointment from one area to another, financially, career- wise, love life and in my health.

I came to the Anointing Water Prayer Line at SCOAN UK. Before I came, I was really, really ill and began to think that I wouldn’t be able to attend. But I prayed and said, ‘God, I know You are there and my encounter is today and I have to be there.’ When I reached the prayer line, I prayed, ‘Lord, please pass me not. I am opening my heart. Please touch me. May Your Holy Spirit touch me today.’ I felt this power come upon me, then a voice screeched at me to run away while another voice told me that I was being delivered. The two voices were fighting really loudly in my head. I was covering my ears. It was just too much; I couldn’t handle it.

Then there was the force that felt like fire running all over my body. The feeling and thought that ran through my head was, ‘I can’t stand it; I am burning, I can’t stand it; I am burning.’ Then I fell down and while I was on the floor, there had been this thing fighting. It was being pulled out but it was fighting to stay in. When I hit the floor, I felt the vibrations of how it was jerking within me, holding itself in. Then when the Anointing Water was ministered to me, I felt something rush off me from my body and run away. Then I was still.

Thank God, I was delivered and there was assurance I was delivered. When I got home, I felt so peaceful. I slept and had a dream. I saw a very dark, giant man was lying on a bed seriously ill and looking depressed. I looked at him and he turned from a kind of dark blue shade to thick black in colour. I asked him, ‘What is wrong with you?’ He said, ‘It is you.’ ‘It’s me?’ I asked. He said, ‘Yes. It is you, you are tormenting me.’ I said, ‘Thank Jesus for that.’ I woke up in the night and started praying and said, ‘Thank You, Lord. You have delivered me.’ When I went back to sleep, I found myself in the same dream and when I went back into the room where he was, I saw him dead.

Now, life has changed immensely and in a good way from victory to victory. After that dream, doors started opening up in my marital life. A man I have been in a relationship with for two and a half years, a man who had never even discussed marriage or whom I thought was interested, eventually just asked me, ‘Why don’t we go to your parents and I can meet your mum?’ God gave us the grace. He was so excited; we travelled to see my parents and now he gave me an engagement ring. I am now engaged in case anybody wants to know! You can see the ring on my finger! This is divine because Jesus gave this man to me.

Career-wise victory came too. I have a new job. At the time I came to SCOAN UK for the prayer line, I was going to lose my job at the end of that month. Immediately after the prayer, I got offered another job. I started the job and all was going well. Then, just within the starting period of the job, the owner of the school decided that he wanted to make me another offer to be the deputy of the institution. Praise the Lord!

My advice to everyone is, open up your heart in faith and receive because Jesus is Lord and you will receive what you ask for. Not just what you come to the Anointing Water Prayer line for but much more! So, don’t ever underestimate God!

I Tasted The Power Of God!

Aber Green was in bondage, facing multiple problems she didn’t understand and couldn’t diagnose. She saw the steady downward spiral of her fortunes but seemed powerless to prevent it. Plagued by strange dreams, the Ugandan began to notice the uncanny connection between the spiritual attacks and her physical problems. Brought up in the UK, she had learned to dismiss these dreams and perceive them as merely figments of her imagination. However, time and experience painted a different picture. The more Aber prayed, the more the attacks in the night came, oftentimes in the form of a man who would sleep with her. Concluding her problems had a spiritual source, Aber miraculously found her way to SCOAN London after her young son stumbled across one of T.B. Joshua’s videos on YouTube. When the Anointing Water was ministered to her, something remarkable happened! Here is her story:

Spiritual Attacks
“I came to SCOAN London facing a lot of problems. I had spiritual dreams where a man would come and sleep with me. And every time I had these dreams, I would wake up and they would manifest in the physical. I knew if I had those dreams, I would be in for a hard time the whole week, the whole month. Whatever I had planned for that week that would be prosperous, maybe in business, would all fail – so long as I had those dreams.

On The Brink Of Divorce
“I tried prayer but I realised my prayers were not effecting anything. I didn’t know what the problem was. There were a lot of arguments between myself and my husband and the arguments got worse and worse as I prayed. I would feel so much hatred inside of my heart towards my husband. I would try to drive him away. I would always say that I needed a divorce, that I wanted him to divorce me. I felt I needed to get out. I was so tormented that I felt that perhaps if he left, my problems would cease. I thought that maybe he was part of the problem. I used to isolate myself a lot because I was tormented all the time and I didn’t know what to do or how to get out of it.

Ineffective Prayers
“I had been experiencing these dreams for years. When you are growing up in school, they teach you that it is normal for you to be having these kinds of sexual dreams and as I got older and became a Christian, I wasn’t sure if it was that real. I didn’t think it was anything but as I continued praying, the problems got worse. I wasn’t really sure how genuine these dreams were. I kept asking myself – is it really real? I tried praying. I tried all kinds of prayers – prayer books, prayer bombs – but it wasn’t going away. As I kept praying and started to fast, the dreams became more specific. Then I started connecting the dreams to what was happening to me physically and I realised there was something spiritually wrong. I wasn’t sure what it was or the diagnosis but I knew something was wrong. Each time I had these dreams, it was a warning signal that something terrible would happen to me or my family.

Lost Intimacy
“As time went on, I stopped having affection for my husband. When we met together, what would happen to me is that my body would ache. The pains were intense. So I decided that I didn’t want to be affectionate towards my husband because if I was intimate with him, my body would ache for days. I didn’t even know what it was. I didn’t realise it was spiritual. Because of this, I didn’t want to be intimate at all. I would avoid being intimate at all times.

Untreatable Rashes
“Coming to my health, I had rashes all over my body. Originally it was diagnosed as ring worms and it just wouldn’t go away. So, the doctor decided to give me tablets which where the internal version of the creams I was using. What they would do is take my blood samples to check if my liver was okay because they told me this medication would cause liver damage if I took it for so long. But the rash didn’t go away so I stopped taking those tablets as they simply weren’t working.

An Unexpected Discovery
“It was also affecting my children. My son had failed his exams and he was one of the boys in the class that was expected to pass. When I saw his grade, I said, ‘That’s it – no computer games, no television for the whole summer holidays! You are going to have to read your books every day.’ Because I banned him from the laptop, my kids knew the only way they could go on the laptop was if they told me they were going on there to do something godly. So they had asked me if they could go on there to watch something about God. I said they could go ahead. My son typed in deliverance and a video of T.B. Joshua came up. My kids started watching it. They were upstairs for such a long time, up to four hours, being very quiet, watching all these videos. After about four hours, I thought they were being too quiet so I went upstairs to find out what was happening. My son said, ‘Mum! Come and see this man of God. Come and look at this. I have never seen this before!’

Hooked On Emmanuel TV
“I watched the first clip and I got hooked. I didn’t sleep for three days because as I continued watching it, the problems I had which I couldn’t diagnose – T.B. Joshua was diagnosing my problems as I watched. That kept me watching and watching. I said, ‘I need to go and see this man.’ Every time he prayed for somebody, it seemed to work. I remember him spraying somebody with the Anointing Water and I said to myself, ‘I need to get some of that spray in my system!’

From Lagos To London
“I had decided that my first instalment of student loan will go on my tickets to go to Nigeria. I needed the whole family to go so I plucked up courage and asked my husband and he didn’t resist, because he knew the family needed help. When I was trying to make arrangements to get there, I discovered The SCOAN had a London branch. I thought, ‘Brilliant! So long as they spray that stuff, the Anointing Water, I will be set free.’

Before reading on, watch the video of Aber’s deliverance at SCOAN London through the Anointing Water!

“I remember the first spray. I didn’t think anything of it. Part of the things in my head was that my husband would be the one to manifest because I thought I was the Christian in the house. So, that was what I was waiting for. After the second spray of Anointing Water, I couldn’t control myself. That is the only way I can explain it. I wasn’t in control of my body, my movement or my actions. I could remember there was a pressure on my chest. I could remember the anger and hatred inside of me, that feeling of raw anger and hatred. Then I could remember the sudden release as my knees felt so weak and my body was so tired. Because of the violence and the manifestation of the demon inside of me, I felt so tired and exhausted because it had worked me during the ministration. But within me I immediately felt such peace, such clarity in my mind. I knew deliverance had come. The burden had gone.

A Week Of Liberty
“It has been one week since my deliverance and I feel so free. The rash I had – I keep saying it over and over again – it’s gone! This is not a joke. The house is co calm. Nothing just gets to me – it’s just so calm. If someone said something provoking to me, before I would have to say something, to let them know what I was thinking – but now I let peace reign. I have so much energy, so much life within me. When me and my husband were intimate, I got up and realised the pain was gone. I realised that the pains I had before were because of this evil spirit. Now, there are no pains. Nothing is wrong with me! And now I see my husband in a different light. I didn’t know he was that handsome!

“Before when I used to pray – I could remember this so well because it happened to me all the time. When I was trying to pray and during the times of prayer, I would see images of snakes. When I would pray and I tried to shut my eyes, the visions of the snake would come. Sometimes you would see a snake coming to your face to attack you, very violently. I saw different images of snakes coming up to me. Some of them would coil up and sometimes I would see lots of them swarming around. Because of that, I would be afraid to pray with my eyes closed. I would open my eyes most of the time to pray.

“Since the deliverance, I don’t have that problem! When I sat down immediately after the prayer, that was one of the first things that came into my head – why I am not seeing the snakes? I was even nodding my head and blinking my eyes, thinking I would see the flashes of snakes. But there were no flashes – and up until now there are no flashes.

Not Acting
“It’s real. What you saw happening to me last week was not acting. Even if I tried, I couldn’t do it that well. It is real. I tasted the power of God and I can’t keep quiet because genuinely the manifestation of the power of God is in this place. If you need help, don’t hesitate, don’t think twice – just come and receive your deliverance. Be set free so you can also set others free. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed.” We thank God for delivering Aber from the demonic bondage she was under and releasing her into a new life in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

Delivered From Spiritual Husband – ‘Feelings Aside, Faith Before Me’

Minister Nancy Obrike from South Africa knew what it was like to go to sleep in fear. For more than 20 years, she had lived with spiritual attacks in her dreams that caused many disastrous effects in her daily life and relationship with others. Now residing in Nottingham UK, Mrs Obrike and her husband Reverend Obrike came to the SCOAN London branch in search of solution to their problem.

“I used to have bad dreams, attacks in my dreams – giant men coming to sleep with me. Sometimes, I would see a woman trying to interfere with my private parts, it felt like a snake coming inside of me. Those dreams came every day – it was so much. I was so afraid to sleep and during the day I was not even functioning at work. It was all those things that brought me here.”

Having had one failed marriage in the past, Mrs Obrike could see how her second marriage was taking the same destructive course. She told of how she had dreamed of getting married to a man who’s face she could not see. After this she had married her first husband and after twelve years of having no peace or joy in the marriage, he had divorced her.

“Then I got married to Reverend Obrike. Again, there was no peace in the home, we were always arguing. I did not like him to come near me or to meet me as husband and wife. I did not feel any affection for him. I had love for him, I wanted him to be near me, but I did not want us to get together as husband and wife. “

The spiritual attack in the life of Mrs Obrike also affected her husband. After their marriage, spiritual problems started for him too. On many occasions he would see a vision of a cobra spirit trying to attack him, even appearing during his times of prayer. He also experienced problems in his private life. Frustrated, he started to question his next course of action, even thinking that he must leave his new wife. However, Rev. Obrike  knew that would not provide any permanent solution, so he decided to include God and seek deliverance for his wife.

“I thought, if I leave her, that is not the answer. That is not wisdom. So I said, ‘Lord, I am Your servant! We have to go for deliverance!’ We had been watching Emmanuel TV almost everyday and saw the hand of God at work. So when we saw The SCOAN Branch in London on Emmanuel TV, we knew that we must go there.”

Mr and Mrs Obrike came to the prayer line on Sunday 8th May 2011 with faith in their hearts, believing they would receive the freedom that God had in store for them.

“When the evangelist sprayed some Anointing Water on me I could not feel anything at first. It was later on during the service that I felt some tingling over my body, although it was not much. However, I believed that what I came here for, I had received it. By faith, I had my breakthrough! I did not believe in my feelings. I told myself; feeling aside, faith before me.”

Although there was no clear physical reaction to the prayer, Nancy knew she had been delivered. Her faith was unwavering and her experiences in the coming days confirmed that she was truly set free!

“When I got back home, ever since we came here, I have never had one bad dream! I met with my husband and everything is all right. We are closer now, more intimate. I have not seen anything trying to attack me, not even in disguise. Not anything that stresses or pursues me, not anything under water! Even the children I used to see myself carry in my dreams,  I have not seen anything like that since my deliverance.”

With the darkness in their lives dispelled and a new marriage in Christ Jesus to enjoy, Mr and Mrs Obrike’s advice to people in similar situations is simple. “Have faith in God and He will do it for you too. Come to Jesus, He has come to destroy the works of the enemy in your life!”

We thank God for His promise to never leave us and to give us life, and life in abundance! May God give us all the grace to stay close to Jesus.

‘I Felt So Much Peace’ – Delivered From Spiritual Husband

Faced with debts in her business, disappointment in her relationships and disruptions in her sleep, life was becomingly increasingly difficult for Mary. Her business venture in her homeland Botswana was in stagnation and all her applications to find work in the UK were met with rejection or silence. With her hopes and dreams in all but tatters, a friend directed Mary to SCOAN London.

“My name is Mary, originally from Botswana but studying in London. I’m so happy today to be able to stand in front of you to give you my testimony. Before I came into this place (SCOAN London), I was really tormented with bad dreams. I used to see this man coming to make love with me in the dream. And when I was about to have a breakthrough, I would lose everything. I had disappointment in business, disappointment in marriage and faced a lot of debt. It came to a point where I had nowhere to live. I was really hopeless. I just didn’t know what to do.”

With Mary passing through one of the lowest points of her life, a friend, who was an avid viewer of Emmanuel TV in Botswana, alerted her attention to the SCOAN London Branch. That Saturday was the day of registration for those who desired to attend the monthly prayer line. Mary decided to come. “I met one of the SCOAN Evangelists and they gave me counselling. They told me, ‘For you to be here, it is God who has brought you here today. Remember, God is aware of your problem.’ I was crying – I couldn’t even talk. I kept on saying, ‘Oh God, make a way for me. God of T.B. Joshua, make a way for me. Don’t pass me by. I have nowhere else to look to. I am looking unto You – make a way for me.’ ”

The following day was the monthly SCOAN London Prayer Line service. As Mary stood in the prayer line, excitement welled within her. She knew that her time of deliverance had come. “Immediately I received the Anointing Water, I felt something heavy come over me. I just fell on the ground. I didn’t know what happened to me but I knew that something came out. Immediately afterwards, I felt so much peace in me – so much peace. And I felt light, so light.” The evil spirit that had been tormenting Mary was forced to flee. The light of God dispelled all shades of darkness operating in her life.

Following the service, Mary returned home full of peace and joy. The results of the prayer soon became apparent. “Almost immediately after I had left the service, I received a phone call. I had made a job application some months ago and the lady in charge called me and said, ‘Mary, can you come on Monday to see me?’ I went to see her and everything went well. I thank God that He is opening doors for me! I also have a business back home in Botswana – but nothing had been going well for me. Nothing. None of the goods were being sold and some people would buy and not pay. However, on Wednesday after the prayer on Sunday, I received a phone call from home that people are starting to pay for the goods!”

Aside from the immediate impact in her business fortunes, Mary began to enjoy sleep for the first time in many years. “Honestly speaking, since the prayer, I sleep like a baby. In all the dreams I have, I am just worshipping God. These are the dreams I have. I thank God! Even some days after the prayer, I was holding the Anointing Water in the dream and spraying it around me!”

Set free from the satanic bondage that had held her captive, Mary’s advice to everyone is clear. “I advise everybody who is listening to me that God is able. God is able when you open your heart. The same God of Prophet T.B. Joshua who has seen me through will see you through, in Jesus’ name.”

Hallelujah! We thank God for delivering Mary. It is all about Jesus Christ!

‘That Was A Lovely Sleep’ – Delivered From Spiritual Husband

A string of relationships left only a trail of disappointment and depression for Lorraine. Aside from relationships, turmoil also engulfed her career. Although she was a senior official at her workplace, Lorraine was not afforded the respect she deserved. The cycle of life was going on and on, with seemingly no change. Right from childhood, Lorraine would see a figure, appearing in both male and female forms, coming to sleep with her in her dreams. It was a spiritual husband. But things were soon to change when Lorraine discovered SCOAN London…

“My name is Lorraine. I am originally from Botswana and I live in Croydon. The main problem I had was a spiritual husband which was coming into my dreams. Sometimes, I would dream as if I were sleeping with a man or woman. It was a generational curse in my family. It actually affected my love life most. I would get so upset and angry easily. When I thought about my partner, I would get upset and annoyed and think, ‘I don’t want to see you.’ Because of this, I wasn’t able to maintain my relationships. Whenever I had this encounter at night, I would wake up the next morning so tired and demotivated. Even at work, people would be against me. I am a senior worker in my company but people would not listen to me.”

At The SCOAN London Prayer Line, the new Anointing Water was ministered to Lorraine in the name of Jesus Christ. The results were dramatic. A strange hoarse voice cried out from within Lorraine until eventually she fell to the ground. “When I was being prayed for, I felt as if something was coming out from me,” she explained. The demon holding her in bondage had gone! The night after prayer, her deliverance was confirmed. “The same night, at 12 midnight, I had a dream as if I was going to eat something. Before I knew it, I woke up and I was choking, really coughing hard. I took the Anointing Water and I started spraying it and vomiting.” Everything deposited within Lorraine through her connection with the spiritual husband was being forced to leave her body. Immediately afterwards, Lorraine knew that the Son of God had set her free indeed.  “Then I was able to sleep. When my alarm went off the next morning and I woke up, I was like, ‘Wow – that was a lovely sleep!’ Since the prayer, I haven’t seen that man in my dreams. I’ve been sleeping so peacefully. And people have been responding positively to me. Even at work, something happened whereby things were in my favour. I have already seen a great change in my life!”

Her advice to the rest of the congregation who were waiting to receive was very clear. “Be ready to receive. Open your heart and pray. Don’t’ be afraid of anyone. Forget about the person next to you. This is between you and God. When the pastor asks you to pray – pray!”

We thank God for setting Lorraine free in Jesus’ name through the medium of the Anointing Water. As T.B. Joshua says, “What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us.”


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