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Sunday 1st September 2013 was a day to remember in SCOAN UK! From as early as 8am, throngs of people began to gather outside the venue in Central London, some who had been travelling from the four corners of the UK and many more who made the journey from other countries just to attend the Anointing Water Service. The atmosphere of faith and expectancy was palpable as a large queue began to form in the chilly hours of the morning, several hours before the service was even due to start!

By the time the doors were opened, the steady influx of people was nothing short of overwhelming. With the venue holding close to 1000 people quickly filled up, three different overflow points had to be hurriedly arranged. An adjacent hall holding 400 people with a live link to the events of the service was soon flooded with people, as was another hall with close to 200 people, coupled with the foyer area that was further swarming with the excited worshippers. Before the service even had a chance to commence, every possible area where people could gather was occupied and we were physically unable to allow any more people into the venue. For those who arrived late and were unable to enter the service, we do sincerely apologise. Although we were expecting a large crowd, the numbers that arrived exceeded all our expectations!

The service began with a time of praise and worship, the pinnacle being a moving classical rendition of the Lord’s Prayer and the beautiful worship song ‘Agnus Dei’, performances that left much of the crowd teary eyed. The worship was followed by the congregation watching a faith-building message from Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, ‘Overcome your doubt.’ He explained in the message, “God does not mind doubt, as long as you are seeking answers from Him in the midst of that doubt. However, doubt can become sin if it leads you away from God to scepticism, cynicism and hard heartedness.” Faith was lifted and hearts were opened.

Testimony time ensued with two powerful testimonies of people whose lives had been touched in a dramatic way following their coming to The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water. First was Alex Jones, a young man from the Isle of Wight who had been suffering from a rare, debilitating and isolating mental condition known as ‘depersonalization disorder’. For six years, he had been practically living alone in his room, completely detached from reality and his once thriving social life. Feeling as if he was not in control of his sensory perceptions, basic tasks such as conversing with people and concentrating on a particular action became burdensome chores. After losing his job as a telecommunications engineer, Alex had been referred to various doctors and psychiatrists in search of a cure. However, he was eventually told that there was nothing more that could be done for him medically after being administered the maximum level of dosage available for the medication he was taking with no seeming improvement or change in symptoms.

Alex Jones Testimony

It was in this condition that Alex stumbled upon a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube after doing a general search for deliverance. As he watched clip after clip, something struck a chord within the heart of the young Brit as realisation dawned that his problem was more spiritual than physical and therefore required Divine intervention. Further investigation revealed that SCOAN UK was holding a prayer line service later that month for which he dutifully registered and attended. As Alex was ministered with the Anointing Water, he said he saw light and brightness all around him but it was only when he reached back home that the full extent of the miracle became evident. Praying in his room with the Anointing Sticker, Alex felt a strange sensation within his head, as if someone knocked reality back into place. Purity of vision and clarity of focus was restored in a glorious moment!

The rest is history. For nearly eight months, Alex has been completely free from the mental problem. He has now started work as a film-maker, even receiving international offers of employment and has no more symptoms or signs of the depersonalization disorder. With the full awareness of his doctors, Alex gradually stopped taking his medication to the point where he has not taken any for several months now with no withdrawal symptoms. He advised people to know that when all hope seems lost, there is always hope in Jesus!

The next testimony was that of Mr & Mrs Michael Mortty who had been barren for six long years. Literally two weeks after getting married, Jane Mortty was confirmed to have multiple fibroids, leading to intense pain especially during her menstrual cycle. The Ghanaian-British couple went through a series of medical tests upon which they were informed the only medical option was for them to undergo artificial insemination. The initial attempt appeared to be successful as Jane fell pregnant only to discover six weeks later that she had an early miscarriage. To complicate matters, the miscarriage appeared seemingly trapped in her womb as the foetus refused to come out, leading the doctors to urgently call for her to be operated upon. Having been introduced to Emmanuel TV by her mum in Ghana at this time, Jane decided to seek Divine intervention. Her mum sent her the Anointing Water by post which finally reached her after an address mix up left it in postal limbo for several weeks. The day she ministered the Anointing Water, she bled heavily as the products of conception came out.

Barrenness Testimony

After this traumatic experience, Jane recounted a dream she had. She found herself in a classroom and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua approaching, accompanied by the five wise men. Upon declaring to them that she was seeking for a child, he told her that God would bring the miracle in His own time and did not require any support. She simply had to leave the issue for Him and exercise patience. It was at this point the duo made a mutual decision of faith – to wait for God’s time. They visited The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria, received the Anointing Water themselves and continued to minister it in faith, thanking God that His promise of fruitfulness would soon unfold in their lives.

It was several months later that the couple both had dreams on the very same night that signalled the end of their barrenness. Jane saw herself undergoing spiritual deliverance in her dream, waking up with the words, ‘Thank You, Jesus’ on her lips and the realisation that something supernatural had just happened. Michael simultaneously dreamed of a Divine encounter where he was told that God had removed the infertile part of his sperm and would be able to impregnate his wife thereafter. A couple of weeks later, Jane was confirmed to be pregnant! What was a medical impossibility had been made possible by the Almighty God. After a smooth pregnancy, Jane delivered a beautiful baby girl, presenting her to the congregation as ‘Elia’. She advised barren couples never to give in to desperation or defeat but to continue to wait on God, having total trust in His perfect plan.

Mass Prayer Manifestation
Although Prophet T.B. Joshua was not in physical attendance at the meeting, the power of God flowing through him was extremely evident, especially as the congregation engaged in mass prayer led by the prophet via the huge video screen in the auditorium. As the prayer ensued, buoyed by a public declaration of a decision to follow Jesus, God began to move around the auditorium and people seated in the overflow sections, bringing healing and deliverance in a mighty way. Those under demonic attack and bondage began to manifest as the light of God exposed the darkness hiding in their lives and they fell uncontrollably to the ground. People began to vomit out poisonous substances that had been lurking in their systems. Altogether, the palpable presence of God was clearly seen at work in people’s lives.

With an atmosphere of belief cultivated, it was time for the prayer line to begin. As people came forward and the Anointing Water was ministered, there was instantaneous reaction as the evil spirits behind the misfortunes of people were exposed and expelled! “I am Lucifer; he wants to preach and sing for God. I gave him the spirit of lust,” exclaimed a spirit within a young man who was violently reacting to the prayer with the Anointing Water.

“I made her divorce; she used to beat up her husband,” another spirit lividly cackled upon questioning. “I am the queen of the coast; he is supposed to worship me. I caused setback in his career as a lawyer,” were the words spewing forth from another gentleman. When his wife rushed out from the crowd to confirm the terrible setbacks besetting her husband’s career, she was also ministered with the Anointing Water and manifested herself.

A lady painfully struggled forward, aided by a crutch and wearing a huge clinical boot, following a serious ankle injury coupled with an increasingly worsening case of sciatica. As the Anointing Water was ministered to her, she began to shake uncontrollably. A Divine operation was at work! Declared free in Jesus’ name, the elderly lady jumped to her feet, threw aside her crutch, took off her lumbar corset and began to walk unaided! After removing the clinical boot, the worship team burst out in song and she began to dance, joined by the animated crowd who witnessed the whole miracle! Tearfully testifying, she said it was the first time she had walked freely in 18 months!

Healing In Jesus' NameAnother lady was brought forward wearing a neck collar and evidently in serious pain. The Sierra Leonean explained that she was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis almost a year ago and the pains had steadily increased ever since. She was literally living on painkillers and would often wake up at night sobbing in agonising pain. Her Nigerian husband became her constant carer as she was rendered unable to engage in any household chores or work-related assignments. As the Anointing Water was ministered to her, there was no seeming sign of change. However, upon being declared free, she loosened her neck collar, cast it away and began to move her neck! Shocked at her restored mobility, she looked at her husband and burst into tears. “The pain is gone,” was all she could incoherently mumble as joy and wonder met in a miraculous amalgamation.

It was miracle upon miracle as supernatural healing continued to unfold. Another lady limped into the auditorium, heavily relying on a crutch. Her problems were multiple, including severe osteoarthritis and lumbar spondylosis. Having lost her job as a nurse due to her inability to walk at work, she explained the pain was both intense and immense. As the Anointing Water was ministered, the reaction was unexpected! An evil spirit within her growled angrily, stating that it was the cause of her ailment and indeed the afflictions of the entire family. After her deliverance, she rose up without the crutch and began to walk freely! As the cause of her problem had been exposed through deliverance, instant healing followed and she danced in the auditorium, much to the delight of the enthralled crowd.

Everyone in attendance at the service received prayer with the Anointing Water, including those in the overflow sections. The evangelists moved amidst the crowd ministering Anointing Water into bottles of water people had faithfully brought, as well as into their mouths. The service closed at 5:30pm, people returning to their destinations in thanksgiving for the service they had been part of. Indeed, what a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us! A million thanks are not enough, except to say, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’.

If you have a testimony to share after attending this service or being prayed for in the prayer line, please contact us on We look forward to hearing from you!

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For Hasmita, life was fairly grim. For more years than she could remember she had felt an overwhelming sense of worthlessness, misery and despair. It seemed as if life was unfair as bitter disappointments kept veering its ugly head. At times, she thought that it might be better to leave this world rather than continue in depression. This had affected all areas of her life as financially, business was also plummeting. She had the prospects of debts looming large and felt that this bitter cycle of despair might never end. That was until she had an encounter with Jesus Christ, the Comforter and Restorer and she received her deliverance through the medium of the Anointing Water. Now, hear her tale in her own words:

Hasmita Desai sharing her testimony at SCOAN UK (13.01.13)

Hasmita Desai sharing her testimony at SCOAN UK (13.01.13)

“Emmanuel! My name is Hasmita Desai. I was born in East Africa, Kenya. I am of Indian origin and I reside in the UK and I am here to give a testimony. I registered on the prayer line because I needed a breakthrough in all areas of my life, especially financially. I was going through depression for many years. I felt very suicidal every now and again, so that is why I came for the prayer line.”

Swallowing tears of joy, Hasmita described a precious dream she had a few days before coming for prayer with the Anointing water: “On the Wednesday before the prayer line, I had a dream. It was a very nice dream and the only thing I remember was that I was in the arms of Jesus. He was holding me and saying to me, “Don’t worry. Everything is going to be okay I am going to be there for you”.

Describing her experience on the prayer line day, Hasmita narrated: “On Sunday on the prayer line day, when the worship time started, I started feeling the presence of God around me and I was feeling shivery, cold and teary. During the mass prayer, while we were praying with Prophet TB Joshua, my stomach started churning. I was feeling as if I wanted to vomit. I was heaving, I was cold and I was teary again. I was praying to God during the mass prayer, I know God you are there for me, you’re going to deliver me. You’re seeing my tears, feeling my pain and I know you are hearing me and you’re going to be there for me.

“When I came down to be ministered to by the Anointing water. As you saw, something within me didn’t like the Anointing Water and I felt as if I wanted to leave the arena; something within me was trying to come out. I wanted to be there but I felt something inside me didn’t want me to be there. When I fell down, I felt as I was surrounded  by white light all around me and I knew that I was set free by the grace of God and I was delivered and my past was over!”

Relating her experiences after the prayer, Hasmita stated: “After the prayer line, things started changing in my life. Up till now, physically, the Holy Spirit has been working in my body and also my work picked up, my business picked up. I feel happy, I feel joyful. During the prayer line, I was praying to God because I was also worried about how I was going to pay my mortgage at the end of the month and the bills because I was running short financially and by God’s grace, I did very well a week before Christmas, I was able to pay my mortgage and my bills and I am very happy and joyful now. I feel very happy and anytime any worries come to my head, something tells me, no, just pray to God and He’s there for you and i just remove the worries from my head. I let God take it in His hands.”

Hasmita and Daughter

Hasmita and Daughter

Hasmita’s daughter also came forward to testify to the change she had seen in her mother:

“My name is Renal Desai and I live in London as well. Basically since my mum’s come to the prayer line, I’ve seen a massive change in her; we all have at home. Before, she was very reluctant to go out and she was always at home, quite depressed. Since she has come to the prayer line, she is more open to going out and enjoying herself, she’s got her spark back. Work’s picked up and everything’s going really good!”

Hasmita had further testimonies to share:

“The other testimony is about the Anointing Sticker. I always have it in my car and my handbag so it goes with me wherever I go. It was a rainy wet night and I was driving home from work. I was stuck in the traffic and a car came and hit mine really hard from the back. My foot was on the break but the car moved forward and hit the car in front. When I came out and had a look, I was fine and my car on the front and back was not damaged at all. I thank Jesus for His protection through the medium of the Anointing Sticker.”  

Testifying to God’s healing power through watching Emmanuel TV and praying with T.B. Joshua, she joyfully testified: “I’ve been watching Emmanuel TV ever since I started coming to SCOAN and in between my son was taken really ill. His right lung had collapsed totally. It was a Friday night. He was admitted to the hospital as an emergency. They did a surgery and he was on oxygen. Five days later, his lung still hadn’t risen. It was a Wednesday and I was going to visit him at the hospital. Before going, my mind was worried about him, so I thought, ‘Let me watch Emmanuel TV and pray with TB Joshua’. I prayed with him mentioning my son’s case in faith and then I went to visit the hospital to see my son. When I got there, they were deciding to do another surgery on Friday and all of a sudden, they decided to readjust his chest strain and see how it goes. On Friday when I called and asked him where I should come to visit him and whether they were moving him to another hospital for the surgery, he said, “Mum, my lung has inflated and I am coming home, you don’t need to come. I thank Jesus for healing my son!”

Referring to the Anointing Water, Hasmita concluded: “God is using this medium to heal everybody. It’s doing miracles and its blessed by God.”

Her advice was encouraging and brought tears to the eyes of many who listened:

“My advice to everybody here today, specially for the people on the prayer line, even otherwise, is God feels your pain, He sees your tears and He hears you when you call Him so call Him and He’ll always be there for you.”



No one likes to wake up and detect an unwelcome visitor, a foreign object, an uninvited threat. This was the agitation and discomfort Joyce Durojaiye felt when one morning she woke up and discovered a lump on her neck, a painful swelling she was quite unaccustomed to and most unhappy to experience. This cyst on her thyroid which began to grow meant a surgery which would leave her scarred for life. But Joyce knew that what is impossible with man is truly possible with Christ Jesus. She believed in her heart for God’s intervention in the matter and when she attended the Anointing Water prayer line at SCOAN London, the awaited intervention came.

Hear her testimony in her own words:

“Emmanuel, I thank Jesus for what He has done in my life. My name is Joyce Durojaiye and I live in London. I just woke up one morning in July and saw a big cyst on my neck. It was very swollen at the time. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t eat, talk well or even go to work. I went to see my GP and he sent me for a scan and they were going to operate to remove it. If they were to remove it, it would leave a large scar on my neck and I didn’t want the scar. So, I decided to come to The SCOAN prayer line at the next available time.”

Describing the extreme discomfort she had experienced, Joyce went on to explain: “It was really big, very big and they said they needed to remove it. I could touch it but it was very painful if I did.”

Explaining how she had heard of The SCOAN and sought for healing she said: “A friend of mine sent me a video clip to watch of SCOAN Lagos. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of TB Joshua yet. I’d been to many ministries and seen many big men of God but I’d never heard of T.B. Joshua. And even though God is doing so many wonderful miracles here, I was really surprised that I hadn’t heard of him all these years. I decided to watch some more clips and then went on the Emmanuel TV website and started watching Emmanuel TV and I got hooked on it. I found out there was a prayer line in the UK so I made inquiries and in September I attend the prayer line.”

set-freeJoyce narrated her experience on the day she received the prayer: “I was quite nervous at first as I did not know what to expect on that day but I knew that with faith, all things are possible. I’d seen many miracles. I’d seen people testify to the goodness of God through this medium of the Anointing Water. When the Anointing Water was ministered on me, I felt strange and started screaming uncontrollably. I screamed so loud and started shaking and then fell down and that was it. I screamed so loud I couldn’t even speak the following day! After the prayer, when I woke up the next day, the cyst was getting smaller and then the next day smaller and after a week it had vanished; it was all gone!”

Showing to the congregation her now smooth neck, she tapped the area which had been so swollen and tender before, joyfully explaining: “I wasn’t able to touch it like this before; it was so painful. Now, everything has gone back to normal, we thank God for that. I no longer need to have an operation and have a scar on my neck for life.”

Referring to the changes in other areas of her life since the prayer, she said: “It’s been fantastic. I was able to go to Nigeria for the first time in 20 years. God has opened doors. I have now started my Masters degree and things are going very well for me and my husband.”

Commenting on the Anointing Water, the medium Jesus had used to set her free, she stated: “This is a very powerful tool and is working for many people around the world; this is fire in a bottle basically. Anything that you hope for, if you use this Anointing Water in faith, and pray in the name of Jesus Christ, it will come to pass.”

Her advice for others, especially those attending the Anointing Water prayer line that day was simple and encouraging:   “Have faith! Even if you don’t see anything happen or even scream, God is working behind the scenes and He will do it for every one of us, in Jesus’ name.”

Prophecies For Individuals In 2013 – Prophet T.B. Joshua

Prophecies For Individuals In 2013 – Prophet T.B. Joshua

Let me give you six out of many.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua

The prophecies for nations, continents and for those at the helm of affairs shall be announced during the next Sunday Service.

1. A year of surprises – I am seeing many great, famous, popular and rich men and politicians will become helpless and in need of help in matters of sickness, disease, finances, death, etc. One of the causes: They have failed to reward those who helped them to succeed. This is the year of judgment, especially for politicians who use youth to support their political ambitions without reward after winning power. Reward those who help you succeed now.

2. Those in the foodstuff business will have a field day this year. Farming and agriculture will be the order of the day and will help greatly to be the source of solution this year. People engaged in it will be greatly blessed.

3. Those anxious about God and who hate sin – the faithful – your prayers for many years are not lost. This year, there will be instant answers to your prayers, especially those who have been seeking for the fruit of the womb. The long-time barren will become mothers of many babies this New Year.

4. Natural disasters will be many this New Year, such as motor accidents, sea sickness and air disasters. Let us move to God. With God, all things are possible.

5. Stop praying against those who hurt you. This year, you will see clearly that God is God of vengeance. Instead, you should pray for them.

6. Do charity work – feed the poor and the needy and give scholarships to those who deserve them. This year, there is great reward in doing this if you do it with all your heart. No matter how little, share it with others. Share their pain and share their joy.

7. Our youth who think always of travelling should use the money to go into agriculture or foodstuff business because in the New Year, God will bless them. They will achieve greatness by transacting in agriculture and foodstuff and become successful in export and import business. The money I am talking about could be in the region of N100,000, N200,000, N250,000 ($1,000, $1,500, $2,000).

Those who have been working for many years and have never been satisfied with the job and salary they receive, the little limited resources at their disposal should be invested in foodstuff business or agriculture, especially those already married. They should divide themselves in such a way that either the husband or wife should step down from service where they receive salary and face agriculture.

Foodstuff business and agriculture or farming are anointed businesses this New Year, to revive the world from economic depression. This is the secret of God revealed to you today. Quote me; you will not regret doing it. My name is T.B. Joshua.

SOURCE: TB Joshua Ministries on Facebook

Addiction Wiped Away Through Emmanuel TV!!!

For those who are unable to access the Anointing Water, Anointing Sticker or attend any SCOAN service, don’t lose heart. The Holy Spirit is everywhere present and Jesus Christ is able to meet you at your point of need. Be encouraged as you read  this testimony of a woman who was completely set free of an abnormal addiction through praying with Emmanuel TV.

Margaret was preparing to go for work, as she usually did every morning. She grabbed the nearly empty bottle of Aboniki Balm she kept by her pillow and sniffed it, breathing in the strong aroma. This had been her daily practise for the past four years.

Switching on the television, she tuned into Emmanuel TV and began to watch as someone began sharing their experience of an addiction to sniffing kerosene. By Divine arrangement, it was her day to be set free from the strange addiction that had plagued her life for so many years!

Aboniki“Emmanuel! My name is Margaret Otobo and I want to testify to the goodness of God in my life through praying with Emmanuel TV. For the past four years, I have been addicted to sniffing Aboniki Balm.I literally had to carry it everywhere I go to. At work, I always kept a bottle in my office. The worst is that while I was sleeping at any time of the day, I would always keep a bottle by my pillow. Something would wake me up to sniff before I could sleep properly – or else I would become restless and couldn’t sleep. In my place of work, some of my colleagues call the Aboniki I sniff ‘my cocaine’ because if I don’t sniff it, everything around me would irritate me and I would get easily angry with the people close to me.

“I never understood that this problem was spiritual. It was only when I began to watch Emmanuel TV and saw other similar cases that my eyes began to open and I began to seek God’s help. So, on 3rd September 2012 in the morning, I was getting ready for work and listening to Emmanuel TV. I watched a lady who had been delivered from sniffing kerosene and drinking it. Prophet T.B Joshua asked if there was anybody with Anointing Water and a man came out.

“At that point, I said with faith, ‘I will receive my deliverance today!’ I placed my hand on the television screen because I knew distance is not a barrier and I prayed along as he sprayed the Anointing Water on the woman, saying, ‘Receive your healing and be delivered!’ I was charged and my hand left the screen; I could not control myself and I screamed the name, “Jesus!!!” I fell on my bed suddenly, no longer in control of my body. It was an amazing experience!

“Since that Divine encounter, that spirit that used to wake me up to sniff the balm completely stopped. I now sleep normally and have no urge or desire whatsoever for it. After the deliverance, I even tried to sniff it in my nostril and it was unbearable! It went into my stomach and I felt as if I had tasted poison. I thank God and I know He has healed me from all my infirmities and set me free from this addiction. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

Margaret Otobo – Nigeria

Source: Distance is not a barrier

Anointing Sticker Stopped Thieves!

Read this compelling testimony of a couple who experienced the Divine protection of the Lord Jesus Christ when they placed the ‘Anointing Sticker’ on their door. Miracles are still happening today. Jesus lives – He did not say goodbye!

Let love lead

Let love lead

“Emmanuel! Our names are Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Onuorah. We are Nigerians but reside in Benin Republic. We want to testify about the goodness of God in our lives. On Friday 7th December 2012, armed robbers came to our house around 3:30am. They entered into the compound, robbed every flat in that house and took their valuable things away. However, to everybody’s surprise, they didn’t even knock at our door or steal anything – and we had the Anointing Sticker on our door!

“Everybody who knew about the incident was astonished when they saw how everyone else had been robbed except us. Even the police men that came after the robbery were asking us what happened and why such ruthless and notorious robbers didn’t enter our house. We showed them the Anointing Sticker we received last time we came to The SCOAN and testified how God protected us from the attack.

“We want to thank God for what He has done to us through the medium of this Anointing Sticker. Right now, as I am talking to you, all the neighbours in that building – both Muslims and Christians – are asking us to give them the Anointing Sticker one by one. They are even begging me to place it on the gate. In fact, it’s really a reminder for us to remember the message from Prophet T.B. Joshua on that Sticker – ‘Let love lead.’ I pray God would give us the grace to let love lead in our lives. Emmanuel! Indeed, God is with us.”

Mr & Mrs Emmanuel Onouorah – Benin Republic

Source: Distance is not a barrier


Sunday December 9th, 2012, Testimony Time At SCOAN UK

Tears of joy flowed freely as Agnes watched how the previous month, the demon causing her addictions, torment, setback and frustration was forced out through the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

Now, hear her story…

“My name is Agnes Marufu. I live in Leeds, UK but am originally from Zimbabwe. When I was the age of nine, we were in a church and I started manifesting violently and speaking in a language I did not understand. I was very young and did not know what it was.” Little did the young Agnes know that this surreal experience she could not comprehend was the start of a life of torment and frustration, one that plunged her on a downward spiral of addiction, alcoholism and mental torture.


A troubled soul

The little she could conceive was that something was definitely not right. Then in her early teens, she felt a strange tendency to eat soil, after watching her auntie do the same thing. Agnes narrated that “I heard a voice telling me to try it, that it would taste nice”. The tendency turned to a craving which later became an incessant addition. “I couldn’t stop. I would eat it for hours and hours on end”. She noted that she would prefer to eat soil and clay than other food and that a failure to consume the clay and soil would cause extreme agitation and at times aggression.

It was at the age of 19 that the all too prevalent demon within Agnes revealed itself to her in a way many only read about or could scarcely imagine. She explained, “I experienced an attack. I was in the bathroom and looked at the mirror but when I looked, I did not see myself. Instead, I saw a horrible vision. There were people who came with a coffin and they chanted that they wanted to attack me and would not leave without me. It was only I who could see them; no one else could.” To young Agnes, that terrifying picture put her in a state of shock and as she watched a voice within her resonated the all too familiar rasping threat, “It is you – we will kill you!” She cried bitterly and then slumped over, having passed out.

From then on, life became almost like a living death, as each venture, each attempt to make it led to more frustration. One marriage and then another collapsed, and instead of sleep to take away the misery, it increased it; daily she was tormented by nightmares and voices torturing her with unabated threats. The voices kept telling her to eat the soil and clay and later prompted her to eat ice cubes, crunching them daily as if they were biscuits.  She would buy large freezers to accommodate the ice cubes and have them at her side, whether day or night. “I scraped them from the freezer. I had to buy more freezers to get them and buy loads from the supermarkets. When I would sit watching TV, I could go on for 3 or 4 hours eating it. I felt relaxed when I was eating it. I became desperate and angry till I could get it. I could not sleep until I finished it.” Describing the clay and soil addiction, she said, “I kept it at work and at home; I took it to bed. I could eat a lunchbox of clay a day. It was nice; I enjoyed it. I sometimes got soil from the garden; it tasted better than food. I would pick it, roast it in a pan and eat it.” The addictions had become a lifestyle.

Bound by addictions

Bound by addictions

In an attempt to numb the pain and prompted once again by the sinister suggestions within, Agnes began drinking alcohol. One bottle of wine a day became three and her desire for alcohol became so strong that it controlled every aspect of her life; it became a longing, a craving she was no longer able to suppress or quell. “Many times, I would drink till I lost consciousness. Once I woke up after passing out intoxicated and had to be rushed to the hospital because of fracture on my arm causing multiple chips. They had to do an emergency operation to prevent the bone chips entering my blood stream and they inserted a plate inside my body”.

The problem also affected her work place, a hair salon in Leeds, “I would arrive drunk to work and my clients would smell the alcohol. Everyone else could see it was a problem except me. Everyone else could smell the alcohol but I was oblivious to it”. Agnes’ daughter Michelle who came with her to testify, narrated how, “She would get back from work depressed, down, every single day. I could see that the problem was destroying her life but she didn’t”.

The addictions had also affected her health, causing severe constipation, “I would sometimes have to stay in the bathroom for up to an hour” Agnes related. “Most people that are close to me gave up asking me why. They knew it could cause disease but they had given up on me, as I was unable to stop it”.


Looking for solution

Looking for solution

Realising the abnormality of her lifestyle and suffering caused to herself and all those around her, Agnes resorted to going to many places in search of rest, relief from inward and outer torment. She narrated the great lengths she had gone to in seeking for a lasting solution: “I even went to Jerusalem twice – I shed tears at the wailing wall, but still nothing changed” Life had become a monotonous misery. She was at her breaking point; she had reached her last bus stop. “I was desperate for deliverance. I knew that after deliverance, a lot of doors would open in my life. I knew Jesus Christ was able to set me free”.

T.B. Joshua

T.B. Joshua

Explaining how she had come into contact with SCOAN and the ministry of T.B. Joshua, she explained that, “I heard through family members in Zimbabwe and friends in the UK. The pastor at the church I go to in Leeds also told me about it. He has visited T.B. Joshua in Lagos before. I’ve been watching a lot on YouTube seeing deliverance. I felt mine was a little problem compared to others that I saw getting delivered. He’s a man of God and I know God is really using him”. Desperate, Agnes determined to come to The SCOAN in London and receive her deliverance and healing. She registered for the Anointing Water prayer line in November, 2012.


Chains broken!

Chains broken!

Describing her journey, “I finished work at 10pm Saturday night and then went straight to catch the 12am coach to London. I arrived at 5am and then got completely lost for 6 hours! I did not know where I was.” There was indeed opposition to Agnes coming to receive her miracle but with dogged determination, she did not give up. “A feeling told me to give up and go back. I prayed to the God of TB Joshua. I knew that this was my breakthrough and that the devil was trying to take that away from me. After a while, I met a man at Mcdonalds with his children and after I asked him for directions, he offered me a lift and drove me all the way there!” That was it. The contrary spirits within Agnes had made the greatest mistake by allowing her to step foot in the arena of liberty. Laughing and full of joy, Agnes recounted, “I got delivered and that was my day for real!”

It was her day. It was her time to receive and no demon could take that away from her. She was in the prayer line and received an incredible deliverance as the Anointing Water was ministered on her. The evil spirit that had tormented her more than 23 years was forced to speak and tell of how it had destroyed her life before it surrendered to the mighty power of Jesus Christ.


A new life

A new life

One month after the deliverance, Agnes testified to the total and complete turnaround in her life. “Miracles are here on earth, miracles are real. I am a new person, a new creation. I no longer even like the smell of alcohol. I do not crave the ice, clay and soil at all! Before I was dreaming eating the ice and soil but I don’t have those dreams anymore. My dreams are clear now – I get shown what will happen the following day, good things. I feel so encouraged. When I got delivered, it was like a key, an opener to every area of my life. I felt like I was living a life of an animal but now I am human.”

This freedom had also affected her business, “My business – all the salons in town are quiet but we are not quiet, we are busy every day. I was tired to wake up early in the morning before but now I open the shop early and close at midnight. A lady got saved when I prayed with her in my salon. I am looking forward to my new business opening in a different town.”

Michelle with tears in her eyes equally spoke of the joy in their relationship since the deliverance, saying, “She has changed a lot. She used to get very depressed. Now we are laughing together and our relationship has changed a lot. Now she listens to me and understands and is not just preoccupied with her own problems. She cares so much about other people. Her mind has opened and it’s absolutely amazing. She has started to do God’s work now.”


To know God's presence is to know God's power

To know God’s presence is to know God’s power

Agnes advice to others waiting to receive from Jesus was: “You are here. Don’t leave here without your miracle. Sharpen your spirit. Your key to open doors to every barrier and your breakthrough is here today. Don’t underestimate the power of God. Distance is not a barrier and we have children of God here and Prophet TB Joshua is working with them. Just trust God. Your miracle is here and it is today.”

Referring to the medium God had used to deliver her, Agnes said, “This anointing water, it has changed my life. Do not underestimate it. It is a point of contact to your problem, an opener to your problem. Sharpen your spirit and say goodbye to your problems. Through this anointing water in the name of Jesus Christ, tomorrow is your day to come and give a testimony here.”

Do you face similar addictions? Are you being tormented by something or someone you cannot see? Jesus Christ is the solution, the answer to all fundamental issues of life. He is Bread to the hungry, Water to the thirsty, a Roadmap to the lost and He lifts burdens off the backs of the heavy laden. Trust in Him and your situation will change. Believe in Him and your needs will be met, in Jesus’ name!

Bound By An Addiction? Watch Emmanuel TV!

Here is a powerful testimony from an Emmanuel TV viewer taken from the blog site, distance is not a barrier. about how she was delivered from an addiction to taking snuff after praying along with Prophet T.B. Joshua on Emmanuel TV. Are you looking for a break away from a habit that has become an addiction? There is a solution. Jesus Christ. Look to Him and your life will never be the same!

chain of addiction broken

Chain of Addiction Broken

“I am Nemauluma Ntanganedzeni Lorraine from South Africa. The problem I had was that I was addicted to snuff from 2002. It is a family curse because my mother and my grandmother are also addicted and we used to believe that it is a gift from ancestors. My mom always told me that I would never quit in this life. The addiction was very serious. I couldn’t even eat until I had taken snuff. The moment I got it, I would use the whole container non-stop and I would not perform any duty until I finished it completely.

“I am a fan of Emmanuel TV and the more I watched people’s testimonies and listened to God’s Word preached by Prophet T.B. Joshua, the more my faith began to grow. One day on Emmanuel TV, I saw several testimonies of people who were addicted to eating many strange things who received deliverance. I then saw the testimony of a woman who was healed while touching the screen and praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua. I started believing that the same thing could happen to me!

“Then, one Sunday, as I was praying with Prophet T.B. Joshua during the live service, I felt a strange sensation in my body, as if something was cooling me from within. I immediately felt the change! As I was so engrossed watching the service, I forgot to take the snuff for five hours until my mum reminded me and I opened the snuff container. As soon as I took it, it tasted completely different! I lost interest and desire for it in that powerful moment of prayer. I have now spent several months and I am free from snuff! My mum still doesn’t believe and is telling me that it won’t last – but I know the changes in my body! I want to thank God for this mighty deliverance and encourage viewers worldwide on Emmanuel TV to pray along with Prophet T.B. Joshua when he prays for the viewers. God’s power is real! My case is a living testimony.”

Nemauluma Lorraine, South Africa

There are many prayers from Prophet T.B. Joshua uploaded on our official YouTube channel. Whatever situation you may be facing, join in these prayers in faith and expect a touch from Heaven!

Unbelievable Miracles!

This is a testimony taken from the blog, distance is not a barrier ( It is a very powerful account of deliverance from incessant vomiting and severe back and chest pain through Emmanuel TV and the Anointing Water. Be encouraged, whatever situation you are in, there is a way out and Jesus Christ is the way!

There is a way out - Jesus

There is a way out – Jesus Christ!

“Emmanuel! Emmanuel! God is with us! My name is Michael Ogbuagu Mba. I am from Abia state, Nigeria.

“I was staying In South Korea when my brothers and sisters were complaining that my lovely daughter Ijeoma Michael who was staying with my mother in Cotonou, Benin Republic had the problem of difficulties in eating. She hardly ate and after eating, she would vomit out everything in her stomach. She had been taken to different doctors for solution with no seeming resutl. I came back from South Korea in December 2011 but I didn’t realize how serious it was and thought I could force her to eat. I tried my best but she would instantly vomit everything in her stomach the moment she finished eating. She looked like a walking skeleton – all the bones on her body were showing. It was a terrible thing to see.

“I bought different types of delicious food, fruit, biscuits and other nice things that every normal kid would feast on – all to no avail. Personally, I took her to doctors again where different medications were provided but nothing seemed to work. The vomiting continued and she was getting worse every day.

“At this point, I hadn’t really heard much of Prophet T.B. Joshua or watched Emmanuel TV. However, I came to my parents house one night and my daughter ran to me at the door, shouting, ‘Daddy, I am healed!’ I was shocked and asked her what happened. She said, ‘I am delivered from the spirit of difficulties in eating and vomiting; I can eat everything without vomiting it!’ She then explained to me how it all happened. She said her grandmother had called her while she was watching Emmanuel TV. It was during the time Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers. So, according to her, my mother then grabbed her hands and placed them on the screen of Emmanuel TV while the prophet was praying. ‘That was how Jesus set me free,’ my daughter said.

“I thought it was all a joke at first, but to my greatest surprise, up until now she can eat well without vomiting any time. It’s an unbelievable miracle! Imagine my daughter eating and demanding for more food, something that has never happened since her birth – until after the prayer with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV. May all the glory be to God Almighty, in Jesus’ Name.

“I have another testimony. The Anointing Water saved me from demonic attack just a few weeks ago. I had lost my grandmother and returned to my village for the burial. During the ceremony, I felt something or someone come up and tap me on the back. I didn’t think anything of it at first but after leaving, I started noticing a severe pain on my back and chest. This continued until we arrived in Aba. Then, it began getting worse and worse every moment to the point where I could no longer breathe properly. I was afraid of what would happen to me if I had to sleep that night without finding a solution to it.

“Immediately I remembered that I had a small drop of Anointing Water which I had left in my house. The Anointing Water was almost finished so, by faith, I filled it with water. I had no option than to believe that the Anointing Water would still work, even if it were mixed with fuel! So, I called my six year old daughter and said to her, ‘Ijeoma, listen, your father is dying, and you are the one to deliver him! I have pains at my back right now and I cannot breathe properly, so you have to pray for me like Pastor TB Joshua prays and spray the Anointing Water at my back.’ Then I knelt down and she started praying, ‘ANY DEMONIC POWER IN MY FATHER’S BACK, OUT! OUT! OUT, IN JESUS’ NAME! OUT! OUT! OUT!’ Then, she sprayed the Anointing Water and declared, ‘STAND UP! YOU ARE DELIVERED!’ I stood up immediately and started shouting, ‘Thank God, I am free! I am delivered!’ That was how I was delivered completely and all the severe pains instantly vanished! EMMANUEL!”

Michael Ogbuagu Mba – Abia, Nigeria


My name is Precent. I live in the UK. When I was 22 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot in my left lung. The risks involved were that I could have a heart attack and die any time. Physically it affected me in that I could not breathe; I couldn’t walk 100 yards, even just do the shopping or the house work at home.

I went to the hospital then I made a big mistake by going online to find out more about the problem that was affecting me and all I got was fear. The fear began to torment me day by day. Most of the time I was in and out of hospital and found myself as a patient and I was not used to that so it began to ring bells in my mind that I was going to die.

I used to take 2 Fragmil injections in my stomach per day when I was pregnant as a result of this. I used to use Warfarin to thin my blood as well. I had to use these every day. The problem continued and I was still on medication. There was no solution.

My last hope was here at SCOAN UK. When I was on the prayer line, I didn’t feel anything even the touch of the water vapour on my face – I felt nothing. I told my husband and he encouraged me that I should believe God was busy working. On the way home, I experienced sharp pain in my stomach like period pains.

When we arrived home I went straight to the toilet and found that there was a discharge coming out. Since that time, glory be to God, I have been declared free of pulmonary embolism. Today I have my medical report confirming that I am negative to pulmonary embolism.

I live normally and I have started eating a lot. I did not used to eat much since this came on. I think it was the fear in my mind that why should I eat when I am about to die. Now I enjoy every single day with my children. God has taken the fear of death away from me. God has set me free and I no longer need these medications which I had been dependent on. And I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Thank You Jesus!

My advice is that as Prophet TB Joshua always says If you are a Christian, your illness, your disease, your situation is different from non-Christians. If you believe God will wipe your tears away just as He did for me.


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