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You’ve read about the Anointing Water Revival in London on 1 September 2013, where the power of Jesus Christ working through His Word and by His Spirit brought healing, deliverance and breakthrough; now you can see the action and hear the testimonies on Emmanuel TV! Here are some excerpts from the programme as shown on Emmanuel TV and featured on the Emmanuel TV Youtube channel:







You can watch the full programme here. If you have your own testimony to share after attending this service, please let us know! You can email or text 07985 034222. Acknowledge what God has done in your life and He will do it again and again!  


Sunday 1st September 2013 was a day to remember in SCOAN UK! From as early as 8am, throngs of people began to gather outside the venue in Central London, some who had been travelling from the four corners of the UK and many more who made the journey from other countries just to attend the Anointing Water Service. The atmosphere of faith and expectancy was palpable as a large queue began to form in the chilly hours of the morning, several hours before the service was even due to start!

By the time the doors were opened, the steady influx of people was nothing short of overwhelming. With the venue holding close to 1000 people quickly filled up, three different overflow points had to be hurriedly arranged. An adjacent hall holding 400 people with a live link to the events of the service was soon flooded with people, as was another hall with close to 200 people, coupled with the foyer area that was further swarming with the excited worshippers. Before the service even had a chance to commence, every possible area where people could gather was occupied and we were physically unable to allow any more people into the venue. For those who arrived late and were unable to enter the service, we do sincerely apologise. Although we were expecting a large crowd, the numbers that arrived exceeded all our expectations!

The service began with a time of praise and worship, the pinnacle being a moving classical rendition of the Lord’s Prayer and the beautiful worship song ‘Agnus Dei’, performances that left much of the crowd teary eyed. The worship was followed by the congregation watching a faith-building message from Prophet T.B. Joshua titled, ‘Overcome your doubt.’ He explained in the message, “God does not mind doubt, as long as you are seeking answers from Him in the midst of that doubt. However, doubt can become sin if it leads you away from God to scepticism, cynicism and hard heartedness.” Faith was lifted and hearts were opened.

Testimony time ensued with two powerful testimonies of people whose lives had been touched in a dramatic way following their coming to The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water. First was Alex Jones, a young man from the Isle of Wight who had been suffering from a rare, debilitating and isolating mental condition known as ‘depersonalization disorder’. For six years, he had been practically living alone in his room, completely detached from reality and his once thriving social life. Feeling as if he was not in control of his sensory perceptions, basic tasks such as conversing with people and concentrating on a particular action became burdensome chores. After losing his job as a telecommunications engineer, Alex had been referred to various doctors and psychiatrists in search of a cure. However, he was eventually told that there was nothing more that could be done for him medically after being administered the maximum level of dosage available for the medication he was taking with no seeming improvement or change in symptoms.

Alex Jones Testimony

It was in this condition that Alex stumbled upon a video of Prophet T.B. Joshua on YouTube after doing a general search for deliverance. As he watched clip after clip, something struck a chord within the heart of the young Brit as realisation dawned that his problem was more spiritual than physical and therefore required Divine intervention. Further investigation revealed that SCOAN UK was holding a prayer line service later that month for which he dutifully registered and attended. As Alex was ministered with the Anointing Water, he said he saw light and brightness all around him but it was only when he reached back home that the full extent of the miracle became evident. Praying in his room with the Anointing Sticker, Alex felt a strange sensation within his head, as if someone knocked reality back into place. Purity of vision and clarity of focus was restored in a glorious moment!

The rest is history. For nearly eight months, Alex has been completely free from the mental problem. He has now started work as a film-maker, even receiving international offers of employment and has no more symptoms or signs of the depersonalization disorder. With the full awareness of his doctors, Alex gradually stopped taking his medication to the point where he has not taken any for several months now with no withdrawal symptoms. He advised people to know that when all hope seems lost, there is always hope in Jesus!

The next testimony was that of Mr & Mrs Michael Mortty who had been barren for six long years. Literally two weeks after getting married, Jane Mortty was confirmed to have multiple fibroids, leading to intense pain especially during her menstrual cycle. The Ghanaian-British couple went through a series of medical tests upon which they were informed the only medical option was for them to undergo artificial insemination. The initial attempt appeared to be successful as Jane fell pregnant only to discover six weeks later that she had an early miscarriage. To complicate matters, the miscarriage appeared seemingly trapped in her womb as the foetus refused to come out, leading the doctors to urgently call for her to be operated upon. Having been introduced to Emmanuel TV by her mum in Ghana at this time, Jane decided to seek Divine intervention. Her mum sent her the Anointing Water by post which finally reached her after an address mix up left it in postal limbo for several weeks. The day she ministered the Anointing Water, she bled heavily as the products of conception came out.

Barrenness Testimony

After this traumatic experience, Jane recounted a dream she had. She found herself in a classroom and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua approaching, accompanied by the five wise men. Upon declaring to them that she was seeking for a child, he told her that God would bring the miracle in His own time and did not require any support. She simply had to leave the issue for Him and exercise patience. It was at this point the duo made a mutual decision of faith – to wait for God’s time. They visited The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria, received the Anointing Water themselves and continued to minister it in faith, thanking God that His promise of fruitfulness would soon unfold in their lives.

It was several months later that the couple both had dreams on the very same night that signalled the end of their barrenness. Jane saw herself undergoing spiritual deliverance in her dream, waking up with the words, ‘Thank You, Jesus’ on her lips and the realisation that something supernatural had just happened. Michael simultaneously dreamed of a Divine encounter where he was told that God had removed the infertile part of his sperm and would be able to impregnate his wife thereafter. A couple of weeks later, Jane was confirmed to be pregnant! What was a medical impossibility had been made possible by the Almighty God. After a smooth pregnancy, Jane delivered a beautiful baby girl, presenting her to the congregation as ‘Elia’. She advised barren couples never to give in to desperation or defeat but to continue to wait on God, having total trust in His perfect plan.

Mass Prayer Manifestation
Although Prophet T.B. Joshua was not in physical attendance at the meeting, the power of God flowing through him was extremely evident, especially as the congregation engaged in mass prayer led by the prophet via the huge video screen in the auditorium. As the prayer ensued, buoyed by a public declaration of a decision to follow Jesus, God began to move around the auditorium and people seated in the overflow sections, bringing healing and deliverance in a mighty way. Those under demonic attack and bondage began to manifest as the light of God exposed the darkness hiding in their lives and they fell uncontrollably to the ground. People began to vomit out poisonous substances that had been lurking in their systems. Altogether, the palpable presence of God was clearly seen at work in people’s lives.

With an atmosphere of belief cultivated, it was time for the prayer line to begin. As people came forward and the Anointing Water was ministered, there was instantaneous reaction as the evil spirits behind the misfortunes of people were exposed and expelled! “I am Lucifer; he wants to preach and sing for God. I gave him the spirit of lust,” exclaimed a spirit within a young man who was violently reacting to the prayer with the Anointing Water.

“I made her divorce; she used to beat up her husband,” another spirit lividly cackled upon questioning. “I am the queen of the coast; he is supposed to worship me. I caused setback in his career as a lawyer,” were the words spewing forth from another gentleman. When his wife rushed out from the crowd to confirm the terrible setbacks besetting her husband’s career, she was also ministered with the Anointing Water and manifested herself.

A lady painfully struggled forward, aided by a crutch and wearing a huge clinical boot, following a serious ankle injury coupled with an increasingly worsening case of sciatica. As the Anointing Water was ministered to her, she began to shake uncontrollably. A Divine operation was at work! Declared free in Jesus’ name, the elderly lady jumped to her feet, threw aside her crutch, took off her lumbar corset and began to walk unaided! After removing the clinical boot, the worship team burst out in song and she began to dance, joined by the animated crowd who witnessed the whole miracle! Tearfully testifying, she said it was the first time she had walked freely in 18 months!

Healing In Jesus' NameAnother lady was brought forward wearing a neck collar and evidently in serious pain. The Sierra Leonean explained that she was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis almost a year ago and the pains had steadily increased ever since. She was literally living on painkillers and would often wake up at night sobbing in agonising pain. Her Nigerian husband became her constant carer as she was rendered unable to engage in any household chores or work-related assignments. As the Anointing Water was ministered to her, there was no seeming sign of change. However, upon being declared free, she loosened her neck collar, cast it away and began to move her neck! Shocked at her restored mobility, she looked at her husband and burst into tears. “The pain is gone,” was all she could incoherently mumble as joy and wonder met in a miraculous amalgamation.

It was miracle upon miracle as supernatural healing continued to unfold. Another lady limped into the auditorium, heavily relying on a crutch. Her problems were multiple, including severe osteoarthritis and lumbar spondylosis. Having lost her job as a nurse due to her inability to walk at work, she explained the pain was both intense and immense. As the Anointing Water was ministered, the reaction was unexpected! An evil spirit within her growled angrily, stating that it was the cause of her ailment and indeed the afflictions of the entire family. After her deliverance, she rose up without the crutch and began to walk freely! As the cause of her problem had been exposed through deliverance, instant healing followed and she danced in the auditorium, much to the delight of the enthralled crowd.

Everyone in attendance at the service received prayer with the Anointing Water, including those in the overflow sections. The evangelists moved amidst the crowd ministering Anointing Water into bottles of water people had faithfully brought, as well as into their mouths. The service closed at 5:30pm, people returning to their destinations in thanksgiving for the service they had been part of. Indeed, what a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us! A million thanks are not enough, except to say, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’.

If you have a testimony to share after attending this service or being prayed for in the prayer line, please contact us on We look forward to hearing from you!

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My name is Precent. I live in the UK. When I was 22 weeks pregnant, I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot in my left lung. The risks involved were that I could have a heart attack and die any time. Physically it affected me in that I could not breathe; I couldn’t walk 100 yards, even just do the shopping or the house work at home.

I went to the hospital then I made a big mistake by going online to find out more about the problem that was affecting me and all I got was fear. The fear began to torment me day by day. Most of the time I was in and out of hospital and found myself as a patient and I was not used to that so it began to ring bells in my mind that I was going to die.

I used to take 2 Fragmil injections in my stomach per day when I was pregnant as a result of this. I used to use Warfarin to thin my blood as well. I had to use these every day. The problem continued and I was still on medication. There was no solution.

My last hope was here at SCOAN UK. When I was on the prayer line, I didn’t feel anything even the touch of the water vapour on my face – I felt nothing. I told my husband and he encouraged me that I should believe God was busy working. On the way home, I experienced sharp pain in my stomach like period pains.

When we arrived home I went straight to the toilet and found that there was a discharge coming out. Since that time, glory be to God, I have been declared free of pulmonary embolism. Today I have my medical report confirming that I am negative to pulmonary embolism.

I live normally and I have started eating a lot. I did not used to eat much since this came on. I think it was the fear in my mind that why should I eat when I am about to die. Now I enjoy every single day with my children. God has taken the fear of death away from me. God has set me free and I no longer need these medications which I had been dependent on. And I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Thank You Jesus!

My advice is that as Prophet TB Joshua always says If you are a Christian, your illness, your disease, your situation is different from non-Christians. If you believe God will wipe your tears away just as He did for me.


“My name is Sarah. I come from Sweden. I had been suffering with eating disorders anorexia and bulimia for 26 years. That was why I came to The SCOAN UK. I got this disease when I was 11-12 years old. Since then, my family have taken me to many places to get cured – specialists, psychiatrists and psychologists. I even stayed at a home for children with different kinds of mental problems. I had my own department, I was taking a lot of medicine and it continued year after year like a chain.

Everything in life was focused around food. It was all about eating or not eating. It was all about fear, fear, fear of everything. When you have this problem, you are in bondage, you are captive. There was no freedom at all and for me, I had evil spirits tormenting me.

Relationships were difficult for me because I just wanted to isolate myself and it was hard for me to meet people or speak to people because I felt insecure. It was bondage. I often dreamt about food. With the anorexia, I trained myself to starve myself. It was so limiting. When I had bulimia, it was all about buying food, eating food and throwing it up again day after day. My teeth were not good as a result of the acid damage from constant vomiting. It wasn’t good for my body as a whole and that had affected my throat too. My menstruation ceased but after I came to The SCOAN UK Branch, it came back.

Sara Testimony 

When I came to SCOAN UK, I saw it as my last hope. I believe in Jesus and I had witnessed on Emmanuel TV for several years that Jesus wants to help people. I had seen how He had set people free and I saw this as my last opportunity to be free. I came here last year August 7th. I was placed on the prayer line. They sprayed Anointing Water on me and I fell on the floor. I screamed and experienced that the evil spirit spoke through me saying that it wanted to kill me. That was not a pleasant experience but after my deliverance, my life has changed completely. I am so amazed how much the Lord loves us and at what He can do. So, I am so grateful to Him first of all and to Prophet T.B. Joshua, to Emmanuel TV, to the Anointing Water and everybody at SCOAN UK.

My life has been changed completely. I don’t have this fear anymore; that’s the biggest change. I can say that fear is gone. Though I have experienced those disturbing negative thoughts trying to come back telling me that I should be afraid to eat and all the usual lies but now, I am delivered. I know I am set free. I know I have the choice to say no to these thoughts and that they must obey me. Today, I feel alive. I feel the cage door is open and I walked out into freedom and I have decided to stay there for the rest of my life and make Jesus the Lord, not just in one area but in every area of my life. I live for Him. I want to die for Him. I want His will to be done.

I feel alive for the first time. I have begun experience things that I had not experienced before. I can see the colours outside – nature and appreciate them. I hear the birds singing. I feel alive and I am so grateful. I have put on weight. I eat; I appreciate food and I thank God for food and I want to eat to His glory and live for His glory.

You should put your hope in Jesus. He is here to meet your needs today and Jesus is ready to meet your needs everyday of your life. He will never fail you; that is my experience. He loves you. He is on your side. He is ready to fight your fights, the fights you cannot fight for yourself. He will do it today.

God saved my life through this Anointing Water. It is affected by the Holy Spirit. Expect miracles though this water in Jesus’ name.

‘I Can Write Again!’ – Healed Of Writer’s Cramp

It started with a muscle spasm, a twinge of pain as Esther sat down to write her usual reports at work. Little did she know such a miniscule ache would soon worsen to the extent that she would no longer be able to use her right hand to write. Various hospital visits resulted in a diagnosis of writer’s cramp, also called mogigraphia and scrivener’s palsy. Faced with the prospect of not being able to properly use her right hand again, Esther, upon her mother’s encouragement, decided to visit SCOAN London, believing God for a Divine healing.

“My name is Esther Banks and I live in London. I come from Zimbabwe. I was diagnosed with writer’s cramp about three years ago. It started with just some small spasmodic pains but steadily deteriorated to the point where I couldn’t write at all with my right hand.

“I was given medication to use for my hand to try and reduce the pain. I started with one tablet a day but after a while I noticed the effects were wearing off fast. I was told I had to keep increasing the dosage. Soon I was taking medication up to four times a day but the problem only seemed to be getting worse. When I started seeing that the tablets were having negative side-effects in my health, I decided to stop taking them and tried learning to write with my left hand.

“Because I do a supervising job at my work place and write all the time, it really affected me. My performance was poor as I couldn’t use my hand. It was very frustrating. My boss ended up giving me a computer to help me because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do anything with my right hand. It was really affecting my job.

“When I came to The SCOAN, while the evangelists were administering the Anointing Water during the time of prayer, I was praying and saying to myself, ‘This is the place I am going to be healed. God knows my problems.’ I knew I had to open my heart to God to be set free. As I was praying, my right hand started shaking violently. I knew God was at work.

“When I was in the prayer line and the Anointing Water was ministered to me, my heart was beating so fast and I was shaking. I was saying, ‘Oh God, this is my time! I am going to be healed today.’ I didn’t specifically feel anything during the prayer but when I was declared free, I received it by faith. After the service, I took a pen with my right hand and found some paper. I was shocked! For the first time in three years I was holding a pen and writing. The first words I actually wrote were, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’

“I want to tell the whole world that there is a solution if you look to God. There are people such as Prophet T.B. Joshua who are sent by God to help us. I was healed with the Anointing Water at SCOAN London and the power of God! I am very happy and thrilled that I have been healed. Thank You, Jesus!”

We thank God for Esther’s miraculous healing!

I Stopped Smoking In One Day – How To Be Free From Addiction To Alcohol And Smoking

Lillian awoke in a cold sweat. Fumbling to find the cigarette packet lying next to her bed, her hands trembled as she tried to set one alight. Panic pervaded the room. Her head pounding from the previous night’s drunken stupor and her heart racing with fear after the nightmarish snake attack. Once again, a voice seemed to speak amidst the darkness. What’s the point of living? Why not end this nightmare once and for all? At the tender age of 21, Lillian was contemplating ending her life. After all, who or what could remove the unending agony within?

Here is the extraordinary testimony of Lillian, a Tanzanian student who recounts her tale of being set free from a chronic addiction to alcohol and smoking after visiting SCOAN London.

Chain Smoker
“The problems that brought me to SCOAN London were my excessive smoking and drinking. I was a very bad chain smoker. I smoked a packet of cigarettes every day and at times, every few hours. I started smoking when I was 12 years old and it progressively became worse as my dependency upon it grew.

“I used to put cigarettes first. I would spend lots of my money buying cigarettes and leave other important things. I was struggling with my rent and school fees but I was always smoking. You would always find me with a cigarette. I would complain that I don’t have enough money for rent, transport or to pay my school fees – but I would always have enough money to have a packet of cigarettes and a lighter in my handbag.

Excessive Alcohol
“I would drink a lot. I used to think it was just a fun thing, but it wasn’t. I’d wake up most mornings with a hangover and feel terribly sick. But instead of quitting, you just keep on drinking, deceiving yourself that you are just a teenager having some fun. That was my lifestyle actually.

“I was 15 when I started drinking. I would drink everywhere, both at home and when I went out. Whatever chance I had to drink, I would take it. I never thought twice about it. That was the life I led.

Suicidal Tendencies
“When I lost my mum last year, it got really worse. I used that as an excuse to be drinking and smoking a lot. At times, I would think of committing suicide because I thought my life was not worth living. I didn’t have any siblings and my parents divorced when I was 6 years old so my mum was the only person I had in my life. When she died, I felt like my life had no meaning. What’s the point of staying here? When you are drunk, it’s get even worse because you start hallucinating and begin to hear voices in your head. ‘Life is over. There is no point in living if she is not there.’

Deathly Dreams
“Before her death, I used to depend on my mum for everything. I would always go to her for advice. So after she passed away, I began to dream of her. I would talk to her and she would be giving me advice on school and work. If I didn’t dream of her, I would feel so miserable. I would ask myself, ‘What have I done to her? Why is she not coming into my dream?’ I became dependent. When I wanted to do something, I would say, ‘Let me wait until I sleep to hear from mum’ – because I saw her almost every single night. I would be like, ‘Mum will advise me on this.’

Wild Animals
“If I didn’t dream of her, I would see myself being chased by wild animals or snakes. I have had a great fear of snakes ever since I was a little child. Out of fear, I became even more dependent on my mum, even though she was gone. I still wanted to see her in my dreams so I could talk to her. That was the only way I felt like I’m being closer to her.

Dreamy Decisions
“Before she died, she told me, ‘If I die, I will go peacefully and you will never see me.’ So, sometimes I would question myself, ‘She said she will never appear to me. Why am I seeing her in my dreams? Probably it’s not her.’ But I was so dependent on it. I didn’t have a life of my own. I just had to sleep so I could dream of her and then make decisions based on that dream. I knew it was wrong. Even when I told my friends, they would warn me that I was not supposed to be seeing dead people once they are gone. I would tell them, ‘It’s okay; it’s my mother. It’s nothing bad.’

Failed Attempts
“I did try to stop smoking and drinking a few times but it didn’t last longer than a month. I would always go back and when I went back, it was always worse than before. I just delved deeper into an addictive cycle of smoking, drinking and partying. But I wasn’t happy. Even my friends would tell me, ‘You don’t look okay.’ I looked sad and miserable. My heart was filled with an overwhelming sadness and no cigarette or alcohol binge could remove the pain within. It was horrible.

My Friend, Get Out!
When I came to SCOAN London and I was waiting for the time of prayer, there was a voice telling me, ‘Run away from this place. My friend, get out! This is not where you are supposed to be.’ But there was another voice telling me, ‘You should stay because you are going to be free from all your problems.’ It was a real battle. I was feeling sick. I felt like I wanted to throw up, like I had a fever. I had this painful lump on my throat and a severe headache. I was nervous.

“As the Anointing Water was ministered to me, I just felt this peace all over me. I have never felt like that in my life! The headache stopped; the fever just disappeared. Before the prayer, my whole body was cold even though it was a hot day – but after the prayer, I felt normal again. I felt so happy. There was so much peace inside of me, a peace I had never felt before.

I’m Back
“Ever since my deliverance, I haven’t dreamt of my mum since Sunday up until today. No wild animals chasing me or snakes or any kind of demon in my dreams. Even my friends are telling me that I’m back because I smile – I am so happy. No alcohol in my blood; no cigarettes! I just don’t want to touch it. The desire to smoke and drink is no more there. I feel okay. I don’t need the cigarettes. I just realise it’s not helping me.

Whole Again
“People say you can’t quit smoking in one day. Well, as a human being, you can’t but with God’s power, you can. I am the proof! It is God who has helped me to do this. It’s gone. I am so happy and right now I am just focussing on my studies and work and thanking God for giving me another chance! I feel whole again; I feel new. I am so peaceful. No more sadness in my heart. I am a born again person! Before, it was hard for me to smile. I never saw any reason to be happy because I had sadness in my heart and I wouldn’t see anything to make me happy. But now, I am very, very happy!

The True God
“Some of my friends never thought that I would be healed. They thought I was gone. But now they see I am a happy person again and I’m returning to church, they’re beginning to believe that there is God out there! They were telling me, ‘If you are able to stop smoking and drinking, then that God is the true God and you should just keep on praying and thanking Him.’

We Are Weak
“I want to advise those who have a problem with smoking or drinking that as human beings we can’t do stop this on our own. We need to put God first in everything. Drinking and smoking doesn’t help anything. You face the risk of getting cancer and it will ruin your lie because it finishes your money. It makes you lose those really important friends in your life and cause you to gain friends who will be destroying you even more. My advice is to stay away from those things and keep on praying because only God and the Holy Spirit can enable you to stay away from them. As human beings we are weak but if we pray and put God first, it is possible!

Don’t Question God
“If you believe in God and come to SCOAN London to receive the Anointing Water, it will work for you. Don’t have any doubt. Don’t question it. It’s the work of God. Who are you to question God? You are a human being and He brought you into this world to be happy, rejoice and praise His name. So, when you are waiting to receive the Anointing Water, pray for God to heal you of all your troubles. And believe it. If you have that faith, it will work for you. It worked for me and I am not lying about it! So, it will work for you if you believe.

We thank God for setting Lillian free from the spirit that pushed her to smoke and drink.

If you are struggling with an addiction to alcohol or smoking, let this testimony encourage you. God has the answer! As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “When you have exhausted your mental and emotional resources, you can no longer rely on yourself. You simply have to trust Something, Someone stronger, wiser, smarter than yourself.” You must experience God!

PLANTAR FASCIITIS HEALED – ‘The Pains Disappeared Immediately’

The pains intensified. Fulufhelo braced herself. She tried to focus on her work-activities but ever in the back of her mind was the numbing knowledge that momentary relaxation in the form of sitting down would result in serious swelling of her foot. Once she sat down, it was nearly impossible to get back up. The young South African was plagued with an unusual sickness known as ‘plantitis’ that affected her heel. Faced with the prospect of losing her job because of the detrimental effects of the debilitating ailment, Fulufhelo decided to visit SCOAN London during the monthly prayer line service. The results were extraordinary!

“My name is Fulufhelo Raselabe. I live here in UK but I am originally from South Africa. Doctors diagnosed my problem to be ‘plantar fasciitis’, which is basically severe heel pain which leads to inflammation of the entire foot. It was my left heel that was affected. The pains were intense. Every time I walked around, no matter the distance, my foot would just swell up. When my foot was swollen, I would have to sit down, unable to even walk. It was a really hard time for me because I couldn’t do the normal things I used to do as my foot would always be swollen. For example, I couldn’t go shopping because there were times when I was shopping where my foot would just swell up and I couldn’t continue. I would have to call a cab for me to go home. During this period, I was sitting at home for most of the time, struggling in pain.

“The pains increased to the point where I couldn’t even go to work. I was out of work for four months. Understanding what I was going through, the company waited for me for four months. However, when the pains just continued, I decided I just had to go back to work and bear the agony. It was a real struggle. I would try to walk bare footed when in my workplace but it would be really hard. The manager said he would be watching me and warned me that if the problem continued they would just have to sack me so I could stay at home to sit down and take care of myself.

“The doctors were giving me different treatments. They gave me a very strong pain-killer. I tried to take it but it would only stop the pain for a while, maybe for an hour, and then later on the pain would continue. I discovered that the medication, as I was taking it, began having side-effects in my body. I stopped taking it as it wasn’t actually helping me and I faced a real risk of contracting more diseases by taking it.

“When I heard about SCOAN London and called up to enquire about coming for prayer, I found out that the following weekend was to be a prayer line service. I decided to come and register for the prayer line, believing God for a miracle. The following day on Sunday, something amazing happened to me! As soon as the evangelist sprayed the Anointing Water, I felt so much heat on my left leg, especially on the affected heel. I was shaking uncontrollably and I fell down. That was it! The pain just disappeared immediately!

“For the last two weeks since the prayer, I have been really enjoying my life! I’m doing my work, even more shifts than before. I am even wearing high heels now, because I was no longer wearing them with this problem. I take my son to the park. I do everything I was robbed of doing before because of this disease. There are no pains at all! I am even coming from a nightshift to give this testimony. Before, if I had just done a nightshift, I would not be able to even stand up because my foot would swell up. Before, when I was travelling on the train, I would be thinking to myself, ‘If I sit down, who will help me to get up?’ – because I knew the swelling would be so severe. Now I can use any form of transportation freely!

“The Anointing Water is unexplainable. If you believe and have faith, Jesus will heal you through the Anointing Water because it is the name of Jesus which is being used. It is all about Jesus.”

We thank God for the wonderful healing of Fulufhelo. As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Miracles and wonders are wrought in the name of Jesus, not by repeating the name as a spell or charm but by believing in it as a Divine revelation of grace and good will to men.” The secret of all the miracles is Jesus Christ.

I Look Twenty Years Younger!

Theresa had grown accustomed to living in constant pains. For the past five years, the elderly Ghanaian faced a difficulty in walking that affected every aspect of her life. The doctors explained she was having internal problems related to bad blood circulation that physically manifested in severe pains from her waist down. Restricted to only short and painful spats of movement, Theresa knew that without Divine intervention, she was destined for a pain-filled end to her journey through life.

“My name is Theresa Agyemang. I am originally from Ghana. I had high blood pressure for many years and I was always taking tablets. Then about five years ago, severe pains suddenly started from my waist down and it came to the point where I could hardly walk. I was in so much pain and there was this burning sensation in my legs.

“Day and night, I was popping pills. I was going to the doctors almost every week and they kept giving me pills but they didn’t help. I was on medication constantly. The pains just went on and on; they didn’t stop. This affected everything about my life. For example, I couldn’t cook or clean the house. I couldn’t sit down for a long time, stand for a long time or lie down for a long time. The pain was always there – day and night. The doctors eventually told me that I was having bad blood circulation. It was steadily getting worse and worse.”

Theresa was among those who registered for the prayer line service in September at SCOAN London. She came believing that after prayer with the Anointing Water, she would walk freely to the glory of God. God honoured her faith!

Here is the video of Theresa’s miraculous healing:

“Well, as soon as the Anointing Water touched me, my body sprang forward and my legs stretched forward. I couldn’t control my body. All I know was that the power of God touched me. And that’s it – all the pain, everything went instantly. It was amazing!

“For one week now I have lived a new life. I can walk freely, sit down freely, do my domestic jobs freely. I’ve even been to the hairdressers to get my hair done! There are no more pains. I lie down to sleep without pain. In fact, I have been sleeping like a baby. I look twenty years younger!

“My advice to people is that the power of God is real. It’s really real. It’s true. God is doing wonders here in SCOAN London through the Anointing Water. To God be the glory. Thank You, Jesus for my healing!”

Hallelujah! As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “Divine healing is the supernatural power of God bringing health to the human body.” We thank God for healing Theresa. Truly, the best is yet to come!

I Tasted The Power Of God!

Aber Green was in bondage, facing multiple problems she didn’t understand and couldn’t diagnose. She saw the steady downward spiral of her fortunes but seemed powerless to prevent it. Plagued by strange dreams, the Ugandan began to notice the uncanny connection between the spiritual attacks and her physical problems. Brought up in the UK, she had learned to dismiss these dreams and perceive them as merely figments of her imagination. However, time and experience painted a different picture. The more Aber prayed, the more the attacks in the night came, oftentimes in the form of a man who would sleep with her. Concluding her problems had a spiritual source, Aber miraculously found her way to SCOAN London after her young son stumbled across one of T.B. Joshua’s videos on YouTube. When the Anointing Water was ministered to her, something remarkable happened! Here is her story:

Spiritual Attacks
“I came to SCOAN London facing a lot of problems. I had spiritual dreams where a man would come and sleep with me. And every time I had these dreams, I would wake up and they would manifest in the physical. I knew if I had those dreams, I would be in for a hard time the whole week, the whole month. Whatever I had planned for that week that would be prosperous, maybe in business, would all fail – so long as I had those dreams.

On The Brink Of Divorce
“I tried prayer but I realised my prayers were not effecting anything. I didn’t know what the problem was. There were a lot of arguments between myself and my husband and the arguments got worse and worse as I prayed. I would feel so much hatred inside of my heart towards my husband. I would try to drive him away. I would always say that I needed a divorce, that I wanted him to divorce me. I felt I needed to get out. I was so tormented that I felt that perhaps if he left, my problems would cease. I thought that maybe he was part of the problem. I used to isolate myself a lot because I was tormented all the time and I didn’t know what to do or how to get out of it.

Ineffective Prayers
“I had been experiencing these dreams for years. When you are growing up in school, they teach you that it is normal for you to be having these kinds of sexual dreams and as I got older and became a Christian, I wasn’t sure if it was that real. I didn’t think it was anything but as I continued praying, the problems got worse. I wasn’t really sure how genuine these dreams were. I kept asking myself – is it really real? I tried praying. I tried all kinds of prayers – prayer books, prayer bombs – but it wasn’t going away. As I kept praying and started to fast, the dreams became more specific. Then I started connecting the dreams to what was happening to me physically and I realised there was something spiritually wrong. I wasn’t sure what it was or the diagnosis but I knew something was wrong. Each time I had these dreams, it was a warning signal that something terrible would happen to me or my family.

Lost Intimacy
“As time went on, I stopped having affection for my husband. When we met together, what would happen to me is that my body would ache. The pains were intense. So I decided that I didn’t want to be affectionate towards my husband because if I was intimate with him, my body would ache for days. I didn’t even know what it was. I didn’t realise it was spiritual. Because of this, I didn’t want to be intimate at all. I would avoid being intimate at all times.

Untreatable Rashes
“Coming to my health, I had rashes all over my body. Originally it was diagnosed as ring worms and it just wouldn’t go away. So, the doctor decided to give me tablets which where the internal version of the creams I was using. What they would do is take my blood samples to check if my liver was okay because they told me this medication would cause liver damage if I took it for so long. But the rash didn’t go away so I stopped taking those tablets as they simply weren’t working.

An Unexpected Discovery
“It was also affecting my children. My son had failed his exams and he was one of the boys in the class that was expected to pass. When I saw his grade, I said, ‘That’s it – no computer games, no television for the whole summer holidays! You are going to have to read your books every day.’ Because I banned him from the laptop, my kids knew the only way they could go on the laptop was if they told me they were going on there to do something godly. So they had asked me if they could go on there to watch something about God. I said they could go ahead. My son typed in deliverance and a video of T.B. Joshua came up. My kids started watching it. They were upstairs for such a long time, up to four hours, being very quiet, watching all these videos. After about four hours, I thought they were being too quiet so I went upstairs to find out what was happening. My son said, ‘Mum! Come and see this man of God. Come and look at this. I have never seen this before!’

Hooked On Emmanuel TV
“I watched the first clip and I got hooked. I didn’t sleep for three days because as I continued watching it, the problems I had which I couldn’t diagnose – T.B. Joshua was diagnosing my problems as I watched. That kept me watching and watching. I said, ‘I need to go and see this man.’ Every time he prayed for somebody, it seemed to work. I remember him spraying somebody with the Anointing Water and I said to myself, ‘I need to get some of that spray in my system!’

From Lagos To London
“I had decided that my first instalment of student loan will go on my tickets to go to Nigeria. I needed the whole family to go so I plucked up courage and asked my husband and he didn’t resist, because he knew the family needed help. When I was trying to make arrangements to get there, I discovered The SCOAN had a London branch. I thought, ‘Brilliant! So long as they spray that stuff, the Anointing Water, I will be set free.’

Before reading on, watch the video of Aber’s deliverance at SCOAN London through the Anointing Water!

“I remember the first spray. I didn’t think anything of it. Part of the things in my head was that my husband would be the one to manifest because I thought I was the Christian in the house. So, that was what I was waiting for. After the second spray of Anointing Water, I couldn’t control myself. That is the only way I can explain it. I wasn’t in control of my body, my movement or my actions. I could remember there was a pressure on my chest. I could remember the anger and hatred inside of me, that feeling of raw anger and hatred. Then I could remember the sudden release as my knees felt so weak and my body was so tired. Because of the violence and the manifestation of the demon inside of me, I felt so tired and exhausted because it had worked me during the ministration. But within me I immediately felt such peace, such clarity in my mind. I knew deliverance had come. The burden had gone.

A Week Of Liberty
“It has been one week since my deliverance and I feel so free. The rash I had – I keep saying it over and over again – it’s gone! This is not a joke. The house is co calm. Nothing just gets to me – it’s just so calm. If someone said something provoking to me, before I would have to say something, to let them know what I was thinking – but now I let peace reign. I have so much energy, so much life within me. When me and my husband were intimate, I got up and realised the pain was gone. I realised that the pains I had before were because of this evil spirit. Now, there are no pains. Nothing is wrong with me! And now I see my husband in a different light. I didn’t know he was that handsome!

“Before when I used to pray – I could remember this so well because it happened to me all the time. When I was trying to pray and during the times of prayer, I would see images of snakes. When I would pray and I tried to shut my eyes, the visions of the snake would come. Sometimes you would see a snake coming to your face to attack you, very violently. I saw different images of snakes coming up to me. Some of them would coil up and sometimes I would see lots of them swarming around. Because of that, I would be afraid to pray with my eyes closed. I would open my eyes most of the time to pray.

“Since the deliverance, I don’t have that problem! When I sat down immediately after the prayer, that was one of the first things that came into my head – why I am not seeing the snakes? I was even nodding my head and blinking my eyes, thinking I would see the flashes of snakes. But there were no flashes – and up until now there are no flashes.

Not Acting
“It’s real. What you saw happening to me last week was not acting. Even if I tried, I couldn’t do it that well. It is real. I tasted the power of God and I can’t keep quiet because genuinely the manifestation of the power of God is in this place. If you need help, don’t hesitate, don’t think twice – just come and receive your deliverance. Be set free so you can also set others free. Thank You, Jesus Christ!”

As Prophet T.B. Joshua says, “The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed.” We thank God for delivering Aber from the demonic bondage she was under and releasing her into a new life in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah!

Marriage Restored!

Agnes Phiri, a Zambian who lives in the UK, came to The SCOAN London because her home was in turmoil. Her marital relationship had deteriorated to the point where communication was reduced to zero and she was sleeping in a separate room to her husband. Returning home from work, the tension was so palpable that oftentimes Agnes would go upstairs to sleep without even uttering a single word to her spouse. Separation loomed large. However, after being introduced to Emmanuel TV by her sister in Zambia, Agnes decided to visit SCOAN London, realising her case required Divine intervention.

“The problem that brought me here to SCOAN London was marital problems. I started having serious marital problems with my husband. We were having vicious quarrels and there was no understanding between the two of us at all.

“I reached a point where I became very depressed. We weren’t talking at all. He would come back from work and I would come back from work – and when we met in the house, we were not talking to each other. We wouldn’t even say hello to each other. I even said to myself, ‘I’m never going to cook for him ever again; he can sort himself out and I will sort myself out.’ Sometimes we would sit in the living room eating our food and silently watching the TV.

“When I was finished, I would put the dishes back, get a glass of water and then go upstairs to sleep. No communication at all. It reached a point where we started sleeping in separate rooms. I remained in the master bedroom and he decided to go in the spare bedroom. It went on for months.

“In the midst of all this, I was having very funny dreams, nightmares. In the middle of the night, I would start screaming. I would see a vision of a man who would come and sleep with me but I would never see the face of this man. It used to really scare me a lot. This had been happening to me for over 14 years.

“One day I was speaking to my sister who currently lives in Zambia. She introduced me to Emmanuel TV and told me The SCOAN has a branch in the UK. I searched on the internet and found it. On Sunday I came for the main service. While I was standing during the time of prayer, I don’t know what really happened to me. When the evangelist started spraying the Anointing Water, I suddenly felt something in me, like heat. This heat came so much upon me and I started shaking. I fell to the ground and started rolling, crying and shouting. At the end of it, I felt so light, like something had left my body. The heavy burden I had suddenly left. All I could say was, ‘Thank You, Jesus!’ – because it was unbelievable. When I opened my eyes, I saw people standing around me. I couldn’t comprehend the miracle that had just taken place.

“I went back home after that deliverance on Sunday. On Monday I went to work. I came back home from work first. When my husband came in, he looked at me, smiled and said, ‘Hello. How was your day at work?’ I was amazed! I said the day was fine and asked him how he got in. We started communicating from that day. A few days later on Saturday, during the early hours of the morning at around 5am in the morning, I felt something near my body. I turned, thinking it was a pillow. When I turned, I just found my husband lying beside me! I looked and he held me close. I couldn’t wait to talk to my mother and sister and tell them what God had done for me.

“Ever since that Sunday, our relationship has been moving from strength to strength. We are really talking now and there is peace in the home. I am eating well and no longer depressed. Also, I have never had those terrible dreams again. They have gone. That day I was sprayed for with Anointing water was the day they left.

Aside from the restoration of her marriage, Agnes also received a remarkable healing when the Anointing Water was ministered to her. “I also have another testimony. I didn’t mention it when I came to SCOAN London because I didn’t even think it was serious problem as it was through an incident that happened 20 years ago. I had an accident where I was electrocuted by a machine and was in a coma for a week. I had an operation on my right hand because two of my fingers were all eaten up and lifeless. Since that operation, I never had any feeling around these two fingers. I couldn’t stretch them out at all or use them to lift anything. But after the Anointing Water was sprayed, during the following week I just noticed that I could stretch my fingers. The feelings just came back from nowhere. I never used to carry anything heavy but now I can carry anything with both hands. To God be the glory! Amen!

“This Anointing Water is powerful. It performs miracles. But it is not the Anointing Water that heals, it is Jesus. I want to say thank You to Jesus first and also thank you to the man of God T.B. Joshua who God is really using to give people the help that they need.

“I can assure you that there is nothing impossible with God. He does work miracles. As long as you call upon His name and you have faith, He is going to be with you all the time and I believe you are going to receive your miracle just as I did.”

We thank God for what He has done in the life of Agnes. Thank You, Jesus Christ!


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