Healed Of Anorexia: Demonic Grip Released!

For most of her life, Sara Manson, 38 from Sweden suffered from crippling eating disorders, bulimia and anorexia, leading to ceased menstruation and causing damage to her teeth and throat.

At the young age of 11, a competitive Sara started playing football, and became determined to be the best player in her team.  Compulsively, she started exercising and running, and soon she lost control; she began to eat less and less food until she didn’t want to eat at all. As a result, Sara was in and out of hospital being force-fed and eventually found herself in a home for children with psychological problems.

“I was bound; I was in an emotional prison.  It was hard to feel anything. I was hard as stone inside of me.  I couldn’t cry.  I never really wanted to be free; I never had the will to be free because I enjoyed the eating disorders so much.”  She told of the effect the increasing evil oppression had on her life.  “I began to hear a voice in my head.  It was telling me awful things like that he was going to kill me and he was going to rape me.”

After 26 years of torment where her life was controlled by spirits of fear and anxiety and fluctuating eating disorders, Sara started to watch Emmanuel TV online on Sundays, and throughout the week.  Upon seeing the miracles of healing and deliverance, she made arrangements to come to SCOAN UK for the prayer line on Sunday 7th August, 2011 with faith in her heart that she too, would be set free.

When the Anointing Water was ministered to her in the prayer line, there was an immediate reaction.  Sara fell to the floor as the evil spirit inside of her began to manifest and scream.  “I was aware of what was going on all the time, but I couldn’t control myself.  After the deliverance I felt a great relief, and very grateful.  During the week I just felt like I have been given another chance, it was like I was born again.”

After her deliverance, Sara stayed one week in the UK, filling her mind and heart with the Word of God. The next Sunday, she gave her testimony of how God had changed her life.

“Now I eat without anxiety and worry.  I enjoy eating and appreciate it.  It is a gift from God. I am resisting the evil attacks in the name of Jesus Christ!  I know that I have been given all the tools now to overcome – He has won the victory for me! I believe I have been delivered now – I am free!”  Sara shared her heartfelt testimony from a grateful heart.

It is not the water that heals but Jesus Christ since the anointing, the healing and deliverance is done in Jesus’ name. Like many others whose lives had been changed through the blessing of the Anointing Water, Sara believes that Jesus Christ has set her free.

Finally, Sara encouraged those who find themselves stuck in the same position as she once did; “Never lose hope there is always a solution – the solution is Jesus Christ.  Put your hope and your trust in Him, he will not fail you, never.”

Sara’s story is like countless others in this generation whose joy and peace had been robbed by the thief that comes to steal, kill and destroy. But thank You Jesus Christ, the demonic grip on her life was released. She is now walking and living in liberty, in Jesus’ name!

Watch Sara’s deliverance and testimony:

2 responses

  1. Augustina

    I’m with the miracles done.

    September 29, 2013 at 12:23 am

  2. the best is yet to come, ALWAYS IN CHRIST JESUS

    August 10, 2012 at 2:27 pm

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